Beer and breweries in Czech Republic (Part 3)

A Few words

For this part of “Beer in Czech Republic,” I will try to present some beers that I love, some that have a particular interesting history, and may be less known, and I will write a few words of the brewery I had visited when I was in Brno 🙂

A Few Good beers

The Krusovice beer has a special history. Emperor Rudolf II bought the brewery in 1583, later it was purchased by an aristocratic family of Bohemia, the Furstenberks.
But in 1945 it was taken and nationalized in 1948. In the communist era it was one of the most productive breweries, with this brewery the communist regime was able to earn foreign currency. This beer was even sold abroad and often confused with Pilsner Urquell. In 1990 the brewery changed hands several times, because nobody could properly establish the beers production. It was finally in 2007 that Heineken bought the brewery and probably saved this historic brand.

Krusovice quality

The brewery Pivovar Rambousek is the smallest commercial brewery in Czech Republic with an annual production of 51hl. They produce a beer that I love, beer chestnut, especially the last sip of the beer is flavored with chestnut honey. The trade name is Eliscino Kralovske. I already had the opportunity to taste a similar beer with chestnuts in Italy.
For more than a thousand years the Slavic tribes of Eastern Europe have been sweetening their beer with honey.

Eliscino Kralovske

The Pardubicky Implement Porter is not only a beer that you can drink, but also one that is commonly used for cooking.
This is a beer that comes from Pardubice. It was developed in 1889 by Antonin Simonek when he began as a master brewer in Pernstejn Pivovar.
The beer was presented in 1890 at an exposition in Prague. In 1891 at a World Expo, Pardubicky beer won a gold medal. It continued winning awards in 1904 from the Culinary Arts of Vienna.

Special beer

This is one of the last remaining beers in the Czech Republic of this type. It is used for cooking because it has a taste of soy and coffee. This beer is really unique, and is even enjoyable to drink at room temperature.

The Chodovar is a very good beer. I saw several quotes from beer enthusiast that showed their love and appreciation for this brand. Many of the Chodovar drinkers make a visit the brewery, which is located in the city of Chodova Plana.
The brewery was privatized in 1995, and if you go visit you can see how the technical terms of its operation and manufacturing.  The brewery has more than 400 years of existence. The name of the beer that you can buy bottled is Chodovar Zamecky Lezak Special. This beer has the distinction as the Budweiser Budvar because it has a long production of 90 days. Unlike Budvar, Chodovar matures in a cellar dug into the rock under the dining Patch.

If you want to take a tour, or visit the brewery just find all the information you need on the Chodovar webpage.

Chodovar Brewery

Pivovar Kocur Varnsdorf is an original brewery in Czech Republic, their production and taste is unlike any other in the Czech Republic. The brewery produces the IPA Samuraj.

IPA Samuraj

The beer was designed by a Japanese brewer Toshi Ishii. The beer is produced with several types of hops, including the famous Saaz hops but also the U.S. Centennia, Amarillo and Columbus hops. This beer is more like an American beer than Czech beer. If you want to see their range

When I arrived to Czech Republic for the first time to study almost one year ago, I had the chance to visit the Pivovar Vyskov brewery. This is one of the last brewery’s owned by the Czech state. It is not far from Brno, near the Austrian and Slovak borders. The brewery is small and not widely known. It was nice having the opportunity to visit with a person who was passionate about his work and we had the whole process of beer production explained to us in detail. Their beer is not easy to find, but it is not impossible, it is Jubiler!

Jubiler producer

Some information about breweries

For those who live in Prague you may be familiar with U Fleku. It is a tavern that has been open since 1499. The tavern was bought in 1762 by Jakub Flekovske who changed the name to U Fleku. This is probably one of the favorite pubs of beer drinkers in the Czech capital. They themselves produce their own beer, such as the Flekovsky Tmavy Lezak, it is worth seeing and the setting is really nice. For those who want to see this brewery or tavern, it is located at Prague 1 to Kremencova 11.

Since 1499

I think you might know this concept – I guess it was created by a student in Pilsen. You enter a bar, but it is self service with beer tables. You have have a bar like this in Prague, the name is not tricky to remember it is The Pub. You can go with several friends and it is a good place to meet new people. With the happy hour, beer is really not expensive. You have 20 tables on two floors. The concept is different and I prefer a traditional bar, but it is definitely something worth trying.

The Pub

Another place that I particularly appreciate is Pivovarsky Dum in Prague. This is a brewery that serves beers with several different flavors like honey, coffee, even banana. On the menu you can order a sample tasting of all the beers it produces and the different flavors. The atmosphere is also very nice, I had the opportunity to go there once, and I was left with good memories. Many people chose to order the table beer tastings, and each one had his opinion on his favorite beer and their least favorite.
The address is not complicated, it is not far from our office on Jecna, so if you need one of our services just stop by the office, and then take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious brew from the Pivovarky Dum brewery.

Pivovarsky Dum


This was the last part of the beer and breweries in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately I could not present all of the beers in the Czech Republic and their unique history, quality production, and extraordinary taste. You can easily understand that we can write for a very long time on this subject.

I hope to continue to talk with anyone who loves beer, we could have the opportunity to talk more at one of our monthly Meet Ups!
For people who would like to have more information on Czech beers just visit here.

Enjoy beer but consume in moderation like any good quality product 🙂


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    I am an American business administration student studying abroad this semester in Prague. I have a passion for the local brewing industry and it is my plan upon graduation to enter into the micro-brewing industry back in the States. With that said i’m looking to find a connection here in the Czech Republic to try and find an internship or employment for a brewery. I cannot stress enough how willing i am to work for a brewery, I would work for free just to gain knowledge of the brewing process and industry. With that being said, I am inquiring if you have a list of contact’s you would be willing to send to me so that I can pursue my quest to become a brewer. Any information or advice would tremendously help me!

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