Magical Summer Spots

As soon as the outside temperature rises above +16, it can be considered a crime to spend days locked inside your homes / offices. Some say Prague would be perfect for life, if there was a sea. Well, we have Vltava river instead, and lots of amazing places on its banks bringing you true summer magic.

Žluté lázně

Green oasis in the centre of Prague. A great spot not only for relaxation with a glass of beer in one hand, but also for sports lovers. Every Tuesday, starting from the 9th of June, there is an outdoor cinema, don’t miss this incredible experience.

Naplavka (


Náplavka is a spot, where it lives every summer. Try out farmers markets on Saturday mornings, the rest of the week stop by for a drink or swing workshop.

(A)void Floating Gallery

A gallery on the boat with a bar on the deck. Cultural spot, where you’ll find theater performances, concerts, swing and various events for the little ones.

Tiskárna na Vzduchu

You’ll remember this delightful place in Stromovka thanks to the dance halls, concerts, theater or outdoor cinema. Every Wednesday starting from the end of May they’re practicing yoga and every Sunday afternoon there is an open-air dance hall, which is accessible for free. In addition, you should not miss the upcoming Finger Food Festival, wild rythmes of Balkan Bashavel or swing dance hall.

Tiskarna na vzduchu
Tiskarna na vzduchu (


Containall is a seasonal spot only opened through spring and summer. As the name suggests, it was made from a cargo container, which makes this place very authentic and unique. So many events to attract your attention: outdoor cinema, DJ performances or flea markets.

Přístav 18600

Pristav 18600 is a park in Karlin, which was transformed into summer cultural centre, a playground and a café under sheer sky. The founders of Pristav have ambitious plans of building a volleyball court, kids playground and securing better access to the Vltava river. Stay tuned for more exciting events!

Neustadt (

Café Neustadt

Trendy café Neustadt is located n the New Town hall’s yard. Cozy beer garden and a pretty busy schedule: DJ performances almost every night, concerts and workshops. Hipsters are welcome!

Annie Fed