Keep your Czech Under Control

Strč prst skrz krk!

Language barrier can become your worst nightmare after moving to a foreign country. While in most Scandinavian countries you can easily get by using English, countries in Western and Eastern Europe are not as English-friendly. To be fair, population of the Czech Republic has better chances to understand Ukranian or Russian, since they both belong to Slavic group of languages.

Czech Under Control
Czech Under Control (

Dobrý den a Děkuji

You might be employed by one of the international companies based in Prague and speak English with your colleagues, however, this doesn’t mean you can totally avoid daily communication at the supermarkets and restaurants in Czech. But think about it this way: you are in a perfect environment to learn the language, since you are literally surrounded by it. Taking a tram to your office, meeting your friend in hospoda or having a picnic in the park, people will speak Czech everywhere you go. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears opened and embrace the language.

Czech through Spanish

Czech has quite logical and well-structured grammar, although there are plenty of exceptions most foreigners struggle with. Signing up for a Czech for Foreigners course is definitely a good idea! Variety of language schools in Prague offers tailor-made solutions for groups and individuals. Senso Unico language school situated in the centre of Prague provides Czech courses not only for English speakers. Here you can learn Czech with a Spanish or French speaking teacher, which is an amazing opportunity for those who are not English-speaking natives.

Share Your Language
Share Your Language (

Learn and Play

Another family-oriented language school Czech Under Control gives you as well as your children an opportunity to learn Czech in a friendly environment. The founder of CUC school Lenka Sivakova developed entertaining workshops for children where your kids can speak Czech while drawing or playing. The concept of involving teaching both for chidlren and grown-ups proved to be extremely effective. As another fun way to learn the language, we can highly recommend events like Share your languageLearn Czech together or summer intensive courses by Czech Language Training. Good luck and držíme palce!


Annie Fed