How to Make Friends in Prague Through a MeetUp

Not being a child anymore, it has become difficult to make new friends and even more when you’re alone in a new city. That’s what I felt when moved in Prague 2 months ago. I’m very shy and my friends are those that I have for more than 15 years and, they are all in France.


That’s why you have to go out! I know that you’re thinking, that it’s a shame to party alone, you are not motivated but you have to go and to socialize. For these reasons, so-called MeetUps are the best way for you to live a friendly moment and meet interesting folks from all over the world and share with them your experiences!



The first days here were a bit long, I was stuck on my phone waiting for my parents’ calls but don’t make the mistake to stay in your room calling your home friends!

I wondered how I will make some new friends when I arrived in Prague but I knew that Foreigners which is the company I’m working for held a monthly MeetUp and that it would be a great opportunity for me to take part of the organization.

I had never heard about it before so I didn’t know in what it consists before my arrival to Prague. What’s more I was afraid of how it will be running, the atmosphere, how to introduce myself to the others but in fact it was really friendly and more easy than what I expected, to be comfortable.



In fact, everyone came for the same reason: meet new people, make some friends

There was no barrier between us (“the staff”) and the attendees and it was very cool to share experiences with people from the same nationality as you, talk about your expats’ problems or talk with others about life in general. MeetUps are a really good alternative to live a unique moment while meeting newcomers and regulars, locals and expats, workers and students… you won’t regret to go!

Tell yourself that everyone is in the same situation so don’t hesitate to stand up, walk around the bar and chat with people on the way, and just say “Hello, how are you?” It costs nothing but it can lead to a real friendship. Don’t be hesitant to approach anyone, otherwise people will come talk to you 😀



One more thing, if you get along with someone: take his/her phone number to try to hang out outside the MeetUp! It can be frustrating the first time, I know, but it is worth it! Good moments are ahead!


Don’t be shy to come at the April MeetUp on the 19th of April at the Globe Bookstore and Cafe at 7 pm, I would be happy to meet you and to share a drink!

If you won’t be able to come, this kind of MeetUps are held on a monthly basis – every 3rd Thursday of the month. Stay tuned for our following events!


Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

23 thoughts on “How to Make Friends in Prague Through a MeetUp

  1. Thank you admin for sharing best post here.i would really feel very happy to visit your site and read interesting articles.

  2. Hi
    I am landing in Prague in July. Any one for desultory flaneur walks ? and soaking up cafe culture and people watch.
    Escapee from London grind.

    1. Sal I’m moving to Prague in mid August and would be up for mindless wandering and people watching!

      1. Hey Andrea, i’ll be in Prague in the middle of the august and since i’ll be alone there most of the time, we could meet up and hang out if you would like to.

  3. Hi. I just landed in Prague. Anyone wanna explore the city together? Would be wonderful to have company. Tajinder

    1. Hi
      I am in Prague for about 6 months. I want to explore prague too. Can I join u?

      1. I’m coming to Prague in jan for a year and would love to make some new friends 🙂

  4. I am a Kenyan living in Mombasa and willing to meet a friend from Czech Republic. I have a degree in Bachelor in Religious Studies and a Diploma in I.T

  5. Hi! I am a Spanish 44 years old teacher visiting Praghe next weekend. If you desire to meet new people, please, contact me.

  6. Hey guys! I’ll be in Prague for two days! First time and would like to explore the city as much!
    Anyone want to join me? Making new friends would be wonderful !

  7. hi I am doctor planning to visit Prague in September 2nd week to attend a conference from 5th to 9th 2020 , would love to meet new friends and have some good time ..

    1. Hello Shiva,

      as soon as you arrive in Prague, feel free to visit our regular monthly MeetUps. The link to events is here. If you’re in need of any services like accommodation search or immigration, feel free to contact us at and we will help you out.

      Best regards,

  8. Anybody want to meet for a beer/wine and chat this Saturday? Irish living in Prague for ten years. Looking to meet like minded people 🙂

  9. Hey! I’m here in Prague for a couple of months now, just for the sake of living in a new country, get new experiences, collect memorys, and of course; meet new people. I have been here before for weekends and think it’s an absolute beautiful city! Now a few days in I have done a bit of exploring but mostly I feel lonely (as expected in the beginning).
    Anyone up for a pubnight or a workout (running/gym)

  10. Can’t wait for lockdowns be over and fly to Prague again love meet people and no good places stay

    1. Hi Paul! We are also eager to see this pandemic be over so more people can come to Czechia and enjoy what our country has to offer! Hope to see you here soon!

  11. Hi there,

    a friend and I (m, in ours 30s) are going to Prague this week (from 25th August onwards). Anyone interested in diving into the night life with us (pub crawls, clubbing etc.)?

  12. Hello, I am a new Master student here in Prague, is there any way that you are still holding meetings?
    I just arrived to Prague and making new friends is being quite difficult.
    I am a friendly person and therefore feel extremely lonely here.

    1. Hi Juan,
      we are currently not organising any meet ups in Prague. But thanks for letting us know you’re interested! I’ll forward your interest to my management and maybe they’ll decide to do something :).


    1. hi try to join our group on facebook called Expats and foreigners in the Czech Republic #LifeInCzechia. might be useful too:)

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