Our Relocation Consultant Martin: The Proof that Doing What You Love Comes With Great Recognition

Martin Chudoba is one of Relocation Consultants at Foreigners Brno. His focused mindset, long-term hard work and easy-going personality have got him promoted to the senior position, just recently. Read more about his future plans and perspectives about life in the interview! 

First of all, what’s the feeling of being promoted to a Relocation Consultant Senior at Foreigners?

To be honest, I was not expecting it. The thing is, when you have too much work, you just focus on that, on what you do, how you do it, on clients… And, eventually, you forget about what surrounds you. I get so focused that sometimes I forget that I can get promoted. I’m glad, I feel honored and very grateful.

Martin has been working at Foreigners for more than 3 years

What’s the best part of your job?

That’s a good question! Meeting new people everyday, clients, I would say. Apart from that I’m always looking forward to go to work because my team is the best! It’s my dream job and I’m glad that I can help.

You’re known for being a positive and very easy-going person. What do you do to keep that mindset? Any tips?

Uau! Tips? Oh, I’m just me, myself and I. I’m an easy-going person because I just want to make people laugh. I know these days it’s very easy to destroy something, make someone cry, to damage someone, be negative. I’m not that kind of person. I just prefer to make people laugh and smile. Make sure they’re having fun. Actually, I used to be an introvert, and something happened! I changed my mind. I don’t know if it was because of the dancing as a hobby or because I have very good people around, so I just started to be an extrovert. I just like to be alive. Sometimes, people are too serious about themselves, about situations. Sometimes they forget to relax. Regarding the tips, just don’t be too serious about your life, about your job, do the things that make you happy. Don’t be afraid to fail. You should do what you love.

Martin having fun at Domeq 1st birthday party organized by Foreigners

What’s the best memory you have so far, working at Foreigners?

Uhhh, there’s a lot! I’m here for more than 3 years. There’s many people I helped. Probably when I was helping to relocate an Indian family. Every time we’d meet at some place, we’d always have a great time. Just talk to each other. I’m just so glad that those people are happy here. I found them nice accommodation. They took it 2 years ago, signed the contract for 1 year. I’m not quite sure but last time we spoke, they told me that they were still there. They’re happy. Their kids are visiting International School of Brno and we still talk sometimes.

It’s been 2 years since our last interview. What has changed?

Well, I’m trying not to be afraid to fail, because I know it’s not so good, but it can push me forward. Be more relaxed about my work, issues, clients. Sometimes it’s very hard to help, because people have high requirements, but I’m still working hard, even though sometimes I forget to relax. I’m trying to go out of my comfort zone, I still dance. I started boxing and street workout, I’m really enjoying it, because it’s good for realising bad feelings and bad emotions.

Martin with his friend and his coach at Fight Club Brno

What advice would you like to give to our upcoming interns and employees?

Just enjoy your time at Foreigners. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to push yourself forward. Go out of your comfort zone and don’t be too serious!

If you had the chance to describe what you do to a stranger, what would you say?

I would say, I’m trying to help and support people who would like to start a new life in the Czech Republic.

Do you have any plans for your career’s future?

Actually I was not thinking about any specific details, to be honest. But I would like to improve myself at work, because there are some higher positions and I’d like to reach them. So I will do my best. But we will see how it will go in the future, because, for now, I’m very happy and satisfied with my job. So I’ll try to improve in any aspects of my current position.

Last but not least, can you describe these last three years in just two words?

Hmmm, experience and learning. Experience happens everyday, you don’t know who you’ll meet and those experiences will make your life much more interesting. Regarding learning, it also happens everyday with the experience you have. You learn from failure and also constructive feedback.

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