I owe to the people I met and the options I got, reflects our Relocation Consultant in Brno Martin Chudoba

He is celebrating exactly one year at Foreigners.cz on March 1, 2017. Martin Chudoba belongs to the Brno crew whose members like him mainly for his sense of humour, endless supply of jokes, and unfailing good mood. Recently, he was chosen as the Employee of the month so we sat down and asked this hard worker about his professional, as well as private life.

Martin, you have been living in Brno your entire life. Did you ever consider living someplace else and why do you like Brno?

I must admit I was attracted by Great Britan where I traveled there back in my school years. The country fascinated me with its culture, history, language, people, and omnipresent beauty. But I am drawn to Brno. Anytime I go for a trip outside of town I am looking forward back home. This city has its charm, power, and it can always offer something new.

You work as a Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz. Does being local help you in your work and can you describe what your position is about?

Yes and yes 🙂 My job is to help our clients with accommodation. My task is to find and mediate a place to stay for them in accordance with their own visions, as well as ensure another necessary services so they would feel like home here. Knowledge of foreign language and certain experiences are needed for this job. The more experience you have the better. And I definitely try to take advantage of my familiarity with Brno for my job. I never know when it comes in handy. It’s sort of a bonus for me.

How long have you been working at Foreigners.cz?

On March 1, 2017 it is exactly one year since I have started to work here and I am happier every day.

Martin meets foreigners both at work and his time off.

What do you like about your job?

I like its dynamics, a great team, communication in English, helping people, working on myself, and self-improvement.

What did you study? You were going to be a teacher, right?

Yes. I studied pedagogical assistance at elementary schools, history and geography combination. But I have never had my own class and I have not taught either. Anytime I told my friends I was studying a pedagogical field they said they couldn’t imagine me being a teacher. Frankly, I have no idea why 🙂

How did it happen you help people to find apartments and relocate to the Czech Republic instead of teaching at school then?

I owe to the people I met and the options I got to be where I am now. I think when you educate yourself and get experienced you can achieve such success you were only dreaming about.

What do you do in your free time?

Besides my work, I am engaged in street dance for last 13 years. Currently I am obsessed with a dance style called KRUMP. I also go to gym, run, and do other sports. I can’t exist without energy and moving.

One of Martin’s passions is the dance style called KRUMP.

Do you like traveling?

Of course I do. When I have an opportunity I am in! Traveling gives us unique experiences. I was for example in Greece, Croation, Poland, Germany, France, or Italy. All of these countries were extraordinary and interesting in some way. I would like to go to Russia (my dancing related), I would like to visit Great Britain and Austria again and hike in High Tatras in Slovakia for example.

You said you couldn’t live without moving. Is there anything else you would miss about your life?

Good question. I guess I cannot imagine my life without people I know, without my job, and without my life exactly how it is!

A personal question at the end: Do you like Czech women or foreign ones?

I like both Czech and foreign women. Each woman has her own magic.

Lucie Patkova

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7 thoughts on “I owe to the people I met and the options I got, reflects our Relocation Consultant in Brno Martin Chudoba

  1. Martin’s outgoing personality made him one of my most favorite people in Brno. Always a pleasure to meet, be it in the club or on the street. Cheers Martin, and thanks for all the fun memories. Keep on Krumpin!

  2. Martin has been helping us relocate from India and has been a good support. I have found him to be very lively and always on the move. He has good knowledge and represents the region well. Martin, Best Wishes and Good Luck to you

  3. Martin is the best consultant I’ve ever met. My company was planning to send some of my colleagues to Brno for 3 months when I came across Martin. He help us a lot and understand our company needs very well. He is very helpfull and is always quick to respond. I was lucky he was our consultant.

    Best wishes to you, Martin! Hope we can cooperate again in the near future!


  4. how can i get visa i want to visit czech republic its so amzing place i really love it….

    1. Hi Wajid!
      We’re glad you want to visit Czechia!
      For a simple tourists visit, you may only need a Schengen visa. Depends on which country you’re from :).


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