Autumn in the Theatre – Where to go in Prague and Brno

#LifeInCzechia The most colorful season of all is here! However, you can hide in the National Theatre in Prague and Brno for those cold and rainy days! Do you want to get lost in the thrilling story of a drama, fill your heart with the warm tones of an opera, or watch the mesmerizing moves of ballet dancers? Check out the new performances in Prague and Brno.


Apart from plays, you can admire the beautiful architecture.


Prague Crossroads

Prague Crossroads Festival connects European theatres and artists. This year, for the sixth time, you can look forward to various performances. The productions will take place at the New Stage. The main topic is the identity of a human being in the contemporary world – both as an individual and as part of the community.

Apart from performances, the festival fulfills its aim to educate as well. There will be workshops for students of theatre school and the professional public. Plus, you will get a chance to discuss the performances with their authors.

The following performances can be seen as part of the festival in October and November.


ANGELA (a strange loop) – a case study about what it means to be a human today.

Limbo – monodrama about an individual identity as a fixed point.


Burt Turrido. An Opera – the first opera performance of Nature Theater of Oklahoma about an isolated society with humorous existentialism.


Oskara – an unusual combination of traditional Basque dance and progressive contemporary dance.

Bonus Tip

Apart from the festival, there is a new premiere of Laterna Magika called Land of body. You will see a mixture of film technologies, dance, physical theatre, and acrobatics. Discover a story that celebrates beauty and life.



Friends with Benefits

Are you in love with the theatre? Become a friend of the National Theatre in Brno and enjoy the special rewards. You will get invited to Friends-only events, get discounts and public recognition, and much more. Check out the terms and conditions for different memberships to see the rewards in detail.


The Feminist – presumed aggressor becomes a victim – what is the truth?

The Servant of Two Masters – a legendary drama that has entertained audiences around the world for almost 300 years.

Nightscape – a vicious comedy evoking a vicious comedy evoking and the feeling of social guilt across generations.



The JacobinDvořák’s tribute to Czech music that starts the season of the Year of Czech Music

Hurvínek Barters the Bride – the iconic opera piece made into a family-friendly performance with famous puppet characters.



Balet NdB 2 – the junior company Ballet NdB 2 will present three original choreographies: Dark, Royal Dinner, and Symphony No. 7 Allegretto.

Bdění – an evening full of works by important ballet personalities who influenced ballet as an art at the turn of the millennium.


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