Benefits of Buying Property in Prague

In a fast-changing world, it’s significant to create a secure and stable environment. Making money is important, however, making the money work for you is even more crucial. And what’s the optimal way to increase your wealth is to make a smart investment. While there are different options for your future invesment – such as investing into […]

Buying property in CZ in 10 simple steps

Making a decision to become a property owner is a big milestone, congratulations! However, there’s a huge gap between making a decision and actually getting the keys to the new apartment. What lies behind the legal requirements, Czech laws and estate agents’ claims? brings you a step-by-step instruction to guide you in the world of […]

10 Tips for Buying Property in CZ

Buying property in the Czech Republic is a smart choice whether you’ve been living in CZ for a while or have just recently decided to relocate. Prices of property in the Czech Republic are especially attractive for foreigners coming from the countries, where exchange rates favor their local currency. 1. Investigation and thorough analyses come first. […]

Potvrzení o ubytování

Doklad o zajištění ubytování je právním dokumentem potvrzujícím, že cizinec má adresu pobytu na území ČR. Podle požadavků Ministerstva vnitra ČR, nemovitost uvedená v potvrzení o ubytování, musí být vedená v katastru nemovitostí České republiky. Objekt ubytování musí být označen číslem popisným nebo evidenčním, popřípadě orientačním číslem a musí být podle stavebního zákona určen pro bydlení, ubytování […]

Proof of Accommodation

Proof of accommodation (doklad o zajištění ubytování) is a legal document confirming that a foreigner has a residence address in the Czech Republic. According to the requirements of the Czech Ministry of Interior, a property mentioned in the confirmation of accommodation (potvrzení o ubytování) has to be listed in the Czech property register (katastr nemovitostí). […]