Ice Skating in Prague

Outdoor skating

One of the most famous skating spots is ice rink Na Františku, which is popular mainly thanks to its central location and a decent size of the ice surface 40 x 20 m. Na Františku is a one-stop-shop, where you can rent out a pair of skates and also sharpen the ones you brought from home. This rink is opened every day with the longest opening hours during weekends. ice skating in prague

Among others well-known ice skating rinks is the one at Ovocný trh, which will be opened for public  again this winter. Skating at Ovocný trh is for free, you’ll be charged only for a pair of skates unless you bring your own. Be prepared to battle with the crowds, as Ovocný trh is a popular touristy location. If you prefer to stay away from the tourists’ path, check out the rink at the roof top of Harfa shopping mall in Prague 9. Or try public skating at Arkady Pankrac shopping mall, their rink is of a decent size too and equipped with a skates rental.

Another cool skating spot is situated in the Mahler Gardens under Prague’s TV tower. Come here not only for great skating experience, but also to have a sip of authentic Italian Bombardino. Rink is opened every day up till the end of March!

ice skating in prague

Indoor skating

The most common myth is that you can only enjoy ice skating in winter. Nope, this is definitely not true, not if you’re aware of the existence of Ice Arena in Letnany. This wonderful place lets everybody enjoy all-year-round skating 4 days a week. Be sure to check the schedule before you go skating as it is subject to change. Other Prague stadiums keep the pace and offer indoor skating for the public. Prague 5 has a Nikolajka stadium, where public skating is available every weekend together with skating workshops for the youngsters. Kobra stadium at Novodvorska in Prague 4 is offering weekend skating as well, same as winter stadium Hvězda in Prague 6.

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2 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Prague

  1. Hello,

    My friends and I are planning a trip to Prague during end of Feb. So we’d like to know if the skating rinks would be still open.
    We’d really appreciate it if you could give us tips and advice on where to go and what to do …. Will people be walking around during that time? Will the outdoor cafes and shops (markets) be open?

    Thank You

    1. Hi, most of the ice skating rinks will be opened till middle of March, so definitely check them out!
      In terms of other activities, it really depends on the weather. End of Feb is usually not so warm, so I’m afraid the outdoor cafes will still be closed.
      However, you can check out our blog again, in the beginning of each month we usually post lists of free events in Prague, you can get some inspiration from there.
      Hope you’ll enjoy Prague!

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