Czech Employment Laws

Employment in brief

  • Working hours: 40 working hours maximum / per week
  • Days off: minimum 4 weeks per year vacation
  • Salary: minimum wage 50.60 czk / per hour if paid hourly. Or 8500 czk per month.
  • Maternity leave: a female employee is entitled to 28 weeks’ maternity leave. 
czech employment laws
Make sure you sign an employment contract before you start your job. Without a contract, you’re not entitled to get paid.

– In order to test you as a future employee, employer can take advantage of the trial period, which usually lasts 3 months and is regulated by the employment contract. During probation period, you still get paid, however, the employer has a right to dismiss you without future notice.

– Your employer has certain expenses linked to your salary. If you have an employment contract, your employer has to pay ⅔ of your health insurance costs. The other ⅓ is deducted from your gross salary. Employer is responsible to pay health insurance and social security taxes for all employees. In case you’re self-employed, you’re fully responsible for paying health insurance and social security.

– Together with your salary you should get a pay slip, where you’ll see your gross wage and net wage, how many work hours you had that month, how many days off you’ve got left and other important information. While on vacation, you are legally entitled to get the average wage!

– Mutual agreement to end employment can be initiated by you or your employer. You should receive 2 months notice regarding termination of the employment contract. If your position is terminated because the whole company ends business, you’re entitled to receive a compensation, usually 1-3 × monthly salary.

In case being an employee is no longer attractive for you and you’d like to start your own business, give it a try! You can rely on professional advice and consultation from Get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist!

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