Free Events in January

9th of January, 19:00-23:00

Swing Bazar

Swing Bazar at Dance Studio 7 is for everybody, who likes fashion and dancing. Inspect your wardrobes and bring all the clothing you no longer wear. Clothes swap will be followed by swing dancing night. free january events swing bazar

10th of January, 16:00

Books Bazar

January market with books and magazines at Bio Oko cinema.

10th January, 20:00

Winter Cinema

Cycle of movie projections at Cross club. To start with Amy, a documentary about glorious life and music career of Amy Winehouse. free events january winter cinema amy

11th of January, 16:00

Vinyasa Yoga class

Free Vinyasa yoga class at Hit Fit fitness centre, Flora. free events january vinyasa yoga


14th of January, 18:00

Dark Party: Absinth tasting

Tasting of different Absinth varieties in Dark Velvet cafe bar.

16th-17th of January

Krav Maga workshops

Weekend dedicated to the popular martial art Krav Maga. Don’t forget to reserve your spot!


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