Proof of Accommodation

Proof of accommodation (doklad o zajištění ubytování) is a legal document confirming that a foreigner has a residence address in the Czech Republic. According to the requirements of the Czech Ministry of Interior, a property mentioned in the confirmation of accommodation (potvrzení o ubytování) has to be listed in the Czech property register (katastr nemovitostí).

Further requirements include: Proof of accommodation needs to be signed directly by the property owner – a company or an individual listed in the Property register. In case property is owned by a company, company’s owner or a person acting on his/her behalf on the basis of the power of attorney is authorised to sign the Declaration of accommodation.

Confirmation of accommodation, proof of accommodation
Proof of accommodation sample

Czech Ministry of Interior thoroughly checks, if both requirements have been fulfilled. First, they will access the Czech property register (katastr nemovitostí – available online) and make sure the property is listed there. This means the property actually exists and the address hasn’t been made up. Next, the name of the property owner will be checked and compared to the name of the person / company, whose signature is on the Proof of accommodation.

Legitimate Confirmation of accommodation contains contact details of the property owner, owner’s residence address and date of birth. Furthermore, Proof of accommodation contains contact details of the foreigner, and the address of the property, together with owner’s verified signature.

The Proof of Accommodation form can be downloaded directly from the Ministry of Interior website. In case you’ve been renting an apartment in CZ, ask your landlord to fill in the form and verify his/her signature at the notary office or the nearest Czech post office.

Requirements of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

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