Coronavirus in Czechia: Moving Back to PES Level 5

The government announced that the Czech Republic will move back to the highest 5th level of the anti-epidemic PES system from Sunday, December 27. Due to the increased number of infected people by Covid-19, the Minister of Health Jan Blatný decided to announce new measures, that will last until 10 January 2021. 

Czechia Return on Level 5 of the PES System

Despite the upcoming Christmas holidays, measures in the Czech Republic will be tightened again

  • There will be restrictions on the movement of people from 9 pm to 5 am. No exceptions for New Year’s Eve. It is forbidden to leave the house at this time. 
  • Restaurants remain closed. However, they can sell from 5 am to 9 pm from the dispensing window. It is still not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages from the window. The ban on alcohol consumption in public also remains in force. 
  • Accommodation services are still prohibited
  • From 27 December, the operators must close the ski lifts and the ski resorts will be closed
  • From 4 January, only pupils in the first and second years of primary schools, kindergartens and special schools will return to schools. All other schools and grades will switch to distance learning.

Restrictions on Retail Trade and Services

Exceptions will be grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, medical supply stores, hygiene products and cosmetics. Pet shops, newsagents, opticians, laundries and dry cleaners also remain open. Florists, haberdashery, locksmiths, home goods stores, and hardware stores will also stay open.

Services such as hairdressers and beauty salons will be closed. There is a ban on opening pools and wellness centres, except for those that are part of medical facilities.

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The Czech Republic will return back to the 5th level of the PES system only a few days after Christmas. 

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