5 Spooky Prague Spots To Visit This Fall

Since Halloween and All Soul’s Day is coming up very soon, we prepared a perfect list of spooky places worth visiting this fall. Get to know historical places, haunted storytellings and escape rooms that will leave you with goosebumps and craving for more. If costumes, mystery and lots of fun are your cup of tea, then continue reading because you will definitely find something for yourself.

Get to know historical places, haunted storytellings and escape rooms.

1. Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery is a classic spooky place you can enjoy on your walk. As it’s one of the largest Jewish Cemeteries in Europe that was used in the first half of 15th century until 1786. It’s also one of the most important Jewish historical monuments in Prague. If you’re a fan of history, the Old Jewish Cemetery is definitely worth seeing this fall.

The Old Jewish Cemetery is a classic spooky place you can enjoy on your walk.

2. Prague Fear House 

The Prague Fear House is a great place for everyone who’s into experiencing Prague’s myths and legends first-hand! You can choose between two variants: Prague’s Catacombs or the original Prague Fear House. You’ll be able to listen to great stories and experience everything as you were truly there! They also have a bar that you can visit after storytelling, where you can order drinks and enjoy the rest of your evening with friends.

To buy tickets, check out their website.

Prague Fear House

3. Thrill Park Prague 

If you are more of a weak-hearted person, the Thrill Park Prague may not be the best place for you However, it’s a great spooky spot for those who love the feeling of fear! One of their currently available options is to explore the “Scary Dungeon of Horror” where you can scream how much you want and experience the thrill itself. Afterwards, you will be able to receive pictures and videos of you and your friends from the fun time you experienced in the dungeon before.

To buy tickets, check out their website.

Thrill Park Prague

4. The Chamber

The Chamber is an award-winning escape room in Prague. It currently has five available different stories that you can pick from and enjoy your time escaping those scary places! They were carefully made to build up psychological suspension and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Their “Haunted House”, for example, creates the atmosphere of watching The Exorcist. If you plan to join with kids, The Chamber also offers family-friendly stories.

To buy tickets, check out their website

The Chamber – Haunted House

5. Nightmare Prague Horror Bar

Looking for a fun place to spend your Halloween night? This spooky bar is nothing like any other! You can expect great and creative cocktails, beer, coffee, and an amazing horror-like atmosphere. Fans of the horror film genre definitely won’t be disappointed!

Visit their webpage to see some of their creative cocktails and deals.

Nightmare Prague Horror Bar

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Photo sources: darksouls1,pixabay.com, Marta_Domnina, pixabay.com


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