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During this uneasy period, when we all have to adapt to new circumstances, it is very simple to get depressed. Isn’t it a wonderful chance to go to the cinema theatre and switch your attention to a different reality? Take an enormous popcorn box, coca-cola, and stuff yourself.  Or maybe you will just spice up your free time when you are going out with your friends, watching a new blockbuster.  

“My films are therapy for my debilitating depression. In institutions, people weave baskets. I make films.” – Woody Allen

When you are watching a great movie for the first time it’s like the first days, when you are in love with somebody. Have you noticed it? You think that this time is being super special and you haven’t felt like this before. And with someone, these feelings stay forever with you, but with someone, you do forget it very quickly. Do you understand what I mean? It is very similar to movies but the difference is that you can have a chance to admire new movies without any effort and don’t have to look for it. Sometimes you laugh and have fun, sometimes you cry. And only you choose what kind of movie you would like, meanwhile life sometimes is unpredictable, right?

chodov cinema Prague
One of the multiplex cinemas is placed in the Chodov shopping mall.

This autumn there are many opportunities to get in love with the new movies, and below you have a list of cinema theatres in Prague where you can go this weekend or after a long working day, take your mind off or maybe really fell in love with some film.

Cinema City

Cinema city is the chain of cinema theatres. They are located almost in all big shopping centers like Smíchov, Metropole Zlíčin, Westfield Chodov, Atrium Flora, Letňany shopping center, also on the street Na příkopě in Slovanský dům (UPDATED on January 4: link removed – website not found) and on Koněvova street. In these cinemas, you can not only enjoy the standard format of the movie but also 4DX and IMAX.

Cinema Bio Oko

Cinema Bio Oko is located in Prague 7. This cinema theatre is known for its unusual seats. Besides standard seats, you can also use sofas, bean bags, or deck chairs. Such a nice place where you can savor a friendly nice atmosphere with a couple of friends or maybe have a romantic date.  

Aero Kino

Aero Kino is a very stylish cinema theatre with a cocktail bar and a café. It is a repertory theatre, located in Prague 3 in the Žižkov district. In this place, you can definitely appreciate a new interesting movie, have a drink, and have fun in a local bar.

Edison Filmhub

Edison Filmhub is located in a functionalist building in the heart of Prague. Sometimes film festivals take place there, but it’s also working daily. Besides the cinema theatre, there is a café, where you can have a cup of coffee and also try new gastronomical trends.

Kino Lucerna

Kino Lucerna is one of the oldest permanent cinema theatres in Europe. It has been open since 1909 and so it will celebrate its 111th birthday this year. Kino Lucerna is a part of the Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace right in the center of the Czech capital.

Kino Pilotů

Kino Pilotů has been welcoming guests since the 1930s. They offer all kinds of movies for any taste. This cinema theatre is located in Prague 10 in the Vršovice district.

Svetozor Kino

Svetozor Kino is another cinema theatre in the center of the city. Svetozor is located close to Wenceslas square on Vodičková street. In the biggest hall, there always took place all premiers and exclusive movies. The smaller hall is made especially for documentaries, experimental and animated films.

summer cinema Prague
Summer cinemas are also a way to go!

Outdoor cinemas 

Yes, outdoor cinema very soon will not be so relevant due to the fact that it will soon start to get colder, but maybe you will catch the last warm days and will have the possibility to watch movies on the open air. Below you can see a shortlist of some places, where you can be entertained by famous movies and also the magic mood of outdoor cinemas. 

This autumn promises to be full of new films like Palm Springs, Charlatan, After we collided, and many others. If you ask me, I am going to fall in love with the new movie J’accuse by Romana Polanski, which you can definitely watch in Cinema City theatres. What about you?

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