Need a Financial Service? Simona Jankechová Is Ready to Help You

Do you need an advice on how to save money? Would you like to get a mortgage to buy a property in the Czech Republic? Looking for clever investments? We would like to introduce you a person that can help you with all of that.

Simona Jankechová helps both Czech people and foreigners manage their money better. Although she is currently based in Brno, she is available to meet her clients across the country.

Simona is a positive and highly motivated graduate of Finance and Business. As we know her, she is always full of energy and encouraged to help others. „My help usually consists of bringing personal and financial wealth to the life of my family, friends, and clients.”

„With Foreigners, I developed a very good relationship and I try to attend many events organized by Foreigners and support their ideology. What I currently see as a big space for development in the Czech Republic is to help expats, who have just moved to the Czech Republic or live here for a longer time. This help is definitely needed in any areas one of which is finance. I help foreigners to plan their finances and communicate with all the institutions on financial market. From my experience, there is not enough help for foreigners provided by financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, pension companies etc. The reason is often that employees of these institutions barely speaks English.

This is why I feel the need to put priority for foreign clients to help them save time and money on bank fees, mortgages and loans, insurances, pensions and further even more complex planning with investments and savings.

What can Simona help you with:

  • Bank Accounts, Saving Accounts
  • Loans and Refinancing Loans
  • Accommodation – Mortgage, Mortgage Pay Off
  • Retirement Plans – Pensions and Mutual Funds
  • Short, Middle and Long Term Investments
  • Insurance – Life, Non-Life (car, property, professional indemnity…)


Ing. Simona Jankechova

+420 702 121 887

At the end, a message from Simona:

„Sometimes even the smallest shift in thinking can create new and exciting possibilities. Open your mind to new ideas and life challenges.”


Karyna Babkova

Karyna Babkova

Hello, dear readers! I am a Ukrainian student, currently studying for a Master's degree in Masaryk University and I am deeply honoured to have a chance to share with you some important and interesting information about living in Brno. Hopefully, you will find my articles useful and entertaining xx

6 thoughts on “Need a Financial Service? Simona Jankechová Is Ready to Help You

  1. Hello dear,
    I am planning for masters in czech republic.
    Please guide me.
    I am looking for mba or related courses . I am from India and employed as a systems engineer at infosys limited.

    1. Hello Mohammad,

      Thank you for your comment! If you need some help from Simona, please write her an email. For any further questions, feel free to write at

      Kind regards,

    1. Hello Faisal,

      what kind of problems do you have? If it’s to do with immigration or accommodation, please write us at and we’ll do our best to help you.

      Best regards,

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