Our Lovely Relocation Consultant Apprentice Thi Thu Ha Tran

Ha Tran is one of our Relocation Consultants at Foreigners.cz Brno, and she has been working with us since August 2017. She explains her position as: “Everything is how it’s supposed to be and I’m enjoying it very much.”

How long have you been living in Brno?

I’ve been living in Brno for 5 years now, I moved to Brno to study at the Mendel University, and I have a Bachelor degree in Finance.

How did you get to know about Foreigners.cz and how long have you been working here?

I’ve been working at Foreigners.cz since August 2017. First time I’ve heard about Foreigners.cz was during the Czech for Fun class, when we invited the Erasmus students to come to the MeetUp for “Foreigners”, but I’ve actually started to have interests in this company a few months later, when I saw their job offer and I was really excited about it. My way to get here wasn’t that easy, but I’m here now. I believe that everything is how it’s supposed to be and I’m enjoying it very much.

Foreigners.cz Brno Ha Tran
Ha at the Foreigners Brno office with her colleagues.

How is it like to work at Foreigners.cz as a foreigner?

Well, I don’t see myself as a foreigner because I was actually born in the Czech Republic. My parents (both Vietnamese) met each other here. I had lived in Vietnam for 3 years when I was a kid, but since then, I live here and I just go to Vietnam for a vacation to visit my family.

Ha Tran Family
Ha with her family in Vietnam.

What do you like about your job?

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories about their lives. The foreigner’s stories are even more interesting because they tell me about their home and their culture, it’s amazing how we (people from other countries) are all different but similar at the same time!

What is the most challenging part of your work?

The most challenging part of my work is that sometimes people from other countries think differently and I need to be patient and try to understand their point of view and explain to them things kindly. For example, today, I’ve met with one client from Africa and she had really big trust issues because of her previous experiences from her home.

Being a foreign employee at Foreigners.cz does help you in your work and can you describe what your position is about?

I don’t think that looking differently helps me somehow in my job, but it may seem more internationally, which looks good for the company, I suppose. When people ask me about my job, I always tell them that I’m like a real estate agent, but I help foreigners and my service doesn’t end with moving the client in the apartment – I’m ready to help the client with anything during the whole duration of our cooperation. That kind of service is not provided in any other usual Real Estate Agency, not that I know of.

Ha Tran BF
Ha with her boyfriend David.

What do you do after work and on weekends?

I like spending time with my boyfriend, my family, my few friends and my „buddies“ from ISC VUT Brno. For those who don’t know the term “buddy” – I help Erasmus students to feel at home in Brno – practically the same that I’m doing for a job. I always wanted to find a job, where I can help the foreigners, and I have finally found it here. Anyway, I’m a shopaholic, I love going to teahouses, cinemas, sometimes I like walking alone, just feeling people, nature, simply life around me. And I started to attend yoga classes thanks to my amazing colleagues, so thank you! I really love it!

What are your plans for your personal and career for future?

I would like to do what I love as long as I can and sure, I want to have my own family in the future. One day, I want to name my daughter Diane (after Wonder Woman). No, it’s not a joke!

Is there anything else that you want to add more about yourself?

I wish more smiling, less worrying; more compassion, less judgment; and more love, less hate to everybody! Life is too short to be negative!

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