6 Tips for Flat Rental Hunters in Brno

Moving to other country is always full of challenges, especially when it comes to the “flat for rent hunting”. Here are some useful tips for everyone who is looking for a place to live in the Czech Republic. They are based on our own experience with relocation of thousands of people, that’s why these tips are likely to make the process of seeking go smoothly.

Thanks to our tips you’ll move to your new flat quickly!
  1. The early bird catches the worm. In order to get the flat/room you really want, you need to start your hunting way early. It also applies to the payment: if you manage to pay in advance, you’re most likely to get a good and comfortable place.
  2. Currently market prices work in landlords’ favour: there aren’t many free flats left in Brno, and the number of people moving to Brno is growing every year. According to the latest statistics there are 50 000 foreigners living in Brno at the moment. That’s why the price is always fixed and it’s only up to you whether you want to take it or not. If not, there will always be somebody who would be happy to rent the place.
  3. Relocation consultants are people too 🙂 Don’t take it wrong, our Foreigners team of professionals is always eager to help you find the best accommodation, but sometimes they need time to have some rest (vacation, a day off for arranging personal stuff etc.) and then they get back to you with even more energy. They often work in the evenings and at weekends if a situation calls for it and always try to do what is the best for clients.
  4. It’s very important that it will be you who will communicate with your relocation consultant! It’s only for your own good: if you contact your consultant directly, it would be easier for both of you to find a perfect place. It’s hardly a great option when several people (for example, your parent/spouse/sibling) at a time try to contact a consultant for you.
  5. Write down all the features you’re expecting to see in your flat. It will be extremely helpful for the consultant and of course for you!
  6. Be prepared for cultural differences! There are a lot of things in the foreign land that would totally surprise a Czech and it also works the other way round. Here are some simple examples: in many countries flats are ventilated in different ways and sometimes it can cause major inconveniences, like mould. Also, some Asians tend to let water flow away down the floor, which is not acceptable in the Czech Republic. One more example of the possible difference is heating. It is usually on in winter, so there’s no need to bring extra heating devices. 
A demand for the flats in Brno is very high, so try to book it asap.

In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact our team to get more details. In order to start searching for a proper room or flat, visit this page and get started!

Karyna Babkova

Hello, dear readers! I am a Ukrainian student, currently studying for a Master's degree in Masaryk University and I am deeply honoured to have a chance to share with you some important and interesting information about living in Brno. Hopefully, you will find my articles useful and entertaining xx

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