What Does It Take to Get a Driving License in the Czech Republic?

Besides the government mandatory requirements, quite a lot of companies in the Czech Republic require their employees to have a driving license. Due to the price accessibility, the privilege of taking the driving course in English, and the benefit of getting an international driving license, we recommend you to get it as soon as possible!

Czech Driving Courses
The Driving School AKA Autoškola (Source)

The main procedure for applying:

  1. Contact us with your request for a driving license;
  2. We will help you fill in the application form in our office and pay the advance payment;
  3. Get a medical confirmation & start your lessons;
  4. Upon passing the final driving exam, apply for the driving license at a local municipality;
Driving License Application
The Driving Licence Application (Source)

The government requirements are simple but very strict and specific. For EU-citizens planning to stay in the Czech Republic longer than 6 months (185 days), it is necessary to change your driving license for a Czech driving one. To prove the staying, you can provide a lease agreement or work contract, health insurance, confirmation from studies/work. 

If your driving license was issued by a non-EU state, there are 2 possible cases:

  1. If Your driving license meets the requirements of the Convention of Road Traffic from the Vienna Convention (1968) – meaning that your country is included on the list & your driving license is a pink plastic card (54 x 86 mm) or a paper document. In this case, the front side of the document should state “Driving license” in the national language of the country issuing it and all this information must be written in the Latin alphabet. In such a way, the changing of the driving license issued by a non-EU country is possible without any additional driving lessons or courses.
  2. In case your driving license wasn’t issued in one of the countries who signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, you have to attend a driving school in the Czech Republic and pass the entire procedure described above. After passing the exam in a driving school, you can apply for the driving license card. 
Czech Driving License Card
The Czech Licence Card (Source)

Additional Information:
In Brno, the driving course for the car license takes 3 months and costs 13 910 CZK (including the municipality fees for the final exam & official interpreter).

The driving course for the motorbike license requires the same amount of time and costs 12 910 CZK.

The prices from above include 14 practical driving lessons – 90 minutes each, the final exam, and a court interpreter helping during the final exam.

There is an additional payment up to 600 CZK for the doctor’s health condition confirmation (the price depends on the doctor/ambulance you choose to perform your check-up).

The driving school we are cooperating with offers courses in both – English & Czech. The price varies according to the city, the driving category, and language preferences. 

We can help you get your license in:

Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information & let us give you a hand with all the needed documentation for the application!

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