5 Places in Prague to Cool Down in the Summer

Summer is finally here, and so is the record-breaking heat. With warnings being issued across Europe, the upcoming months are going to be HOT. In order to help you better deal with the high temperatures, here is a list of places that you can cool down and relax at in and around Prague.


Aquapark Barrandov

Located in Prague 5, this place is perfect for families because there is something for everyone. The aquapark is spread across three floors with the main attractions, such as waterslides, on the first. There is fitness equipment on the second and a sauna on the third. There is also a toboggan water ride, whirlpool, and even a sand volleyball court. The place has things to do inside and outside, in case you want to escape from the heat or sunbathe on the deck.

Website: http://aquadream.cz/

Aquapark Barrandov’s first floor
Aquapark Barrandov’s first floor

Divoká Šárka 

Open since the 1930s, this swimming pool has coined the title of “the quietest swimming pool in Prague”. As well as offering the classic summer experience of relaxing by the water, the pool is surrounded by valleys and large hills. This place is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers who enjoy hiking and being outdoors. It is located about 20 minutes from the city center, making it a relaxing destination to escape the busyness of everyday life.

Website: https://koupaliste-sarka.webnode.cz/

A scenic view of the swimming pool and its landscape
A scenic view of the swimming pool and its landscape

Cinema City

Seeing a movie and sitting in a dark room is also a great alternative for cooling down in the summer months. Cinema City has seven Prague locations: one in Prague 1, one in Prague 3, two in Prague 4 and 5, and one in Prague 9. These movie theaters are airconditioned and have the latest international releases in 2D, 3D, and even 4D. In addition, IMAX movies are shown. The movie theaters are also spread out across multiple floors and offer food and beverages for sale. 

Website: https://www.cinemacity.cz/

The box office of City Cinema located in Prague 1
The box office of City Cinema located in Prague 1

Koneprusy Caves

If time allows, take a day trip to the Koneprusy Caves to escape the sun by traveling underground. Located 40 minutes from the city center, they are the longest known cave system in Bohemia. After a controlled explosion in 1950, it is possible to explore the passageways, dripstone, and over million-year-old rose fossils. Even though they’re mostly inhabited by bats during the winter, there’s a chance you’ll see one, so beware! 

Website: http://www.konepruske-jeskyne.cz/

Stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling
Stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling

Letná Park Beer Garden

Stay hydrated by grabbing a drink at a local beer garden. One of the most popular options is Letná Park, which stays open until the autumn months. The area is mostly shaded by trees, has hundreds of picnic tables and benches, and offers an amazing view of the city. There are four beers on tap: Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Master Polotmavy Lezak, and Kozel Tmavy. You can also bring your own food and drinks, so get a group of friends together and enjoy the scenery! Check out their Facebook page!

Overlooking Prague’s city center
Overlooking Prague’s city center

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  1. You cannot take your own food and drink to Letna beer garden. If you do, you will likely be asked to leave.

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