Rainy Autumn Days Activities with Children

#LifeInCzechia Autumn is not just about the colorful sunny days in nature. When it starts raining, finding indoor activities to entertain children can become a priority. Fortunately, this vibrant city offers a multitude of options to keep the young ones engaged and delighted, even on the dreariest of days. Here are five fantastic indoor activities to explore with your kids when the rain clouds gather in Prague


Dive deep into the underwater world


Lego Museum

You don’t have to travel all the way to Denmark to experience the Lego world! Just visit the Czech Repubrick exhibition in Prague. They offer an area of 2,000 m2 for you and your children to discover over 40 different buildings built out of Lego.

But that is not all! You can build your own models out of a huge pile of Lego bricks. They’re open from Friday to Sunday and on public and school holidays. We recommend you buy the tickets in advance on their website to save some money. They also offer family packages to save even more.


Jumping arena

Are you looking for a place where your children can burn all their energy? Then Hop Arena is the perfect option for you! It is the biggest jumping center in Řičany. It is the biggest jumping center in the Czech Republic.

There are 12 attractions and dozens of trampolines. You can challenge your abilities and balance or just have fun and jump your worries away. The only thing you need are anti-slippery socks. If you don’t have one, you can buy a pair directly on the spot for just 60 CZK. You choose to come for 1.5 hours, 2.5 hours all the entire day. The tickets start from 370 CZK.


Forget the rain, jump your worries away

The world of Jellyfish

Svět meduz is a magical world of jellyfish. It was created as a unique global project, where the stunning life of jellyfish is accompanied by audiovisual effects. It is also listed in the Guinness World Records for the largest spherical aquarium!

You will find here 38 aquariums and over 30 species of jellyfish. Plus, you get to watch video mapping and some attractions. To visit this unique experience, go to Arkády pankrác shopping center in the center of Prague. The tickets are 170 CZK for children and 260 CZK for adults or family packages from 550 CZK.


Museum of Illusions

Museum of Fantastic Illusions claims to be the funniest museum in Prague. This place is full of fascinating optical illusions – you can find yourself trapped in a bubble, walking on the ceiling, or climbing out of a painting. Perfect for all the picture lovers!

There are more than 150 interactive exhibits full of funny and famous scenes you know from movies. It is located in the center of Prague. Good news – it is free from children up to 1 meter. But you will find a lot of options for family packages and single tickets, too.


Amaze your kids with some illusions

Fun center 

Our last tip is fun center Superland in the Nové Butovice shopping center. It offers 2,500 m2 of entertainment for children of all ages. Try one (or all) of the 15 attractions that are safe and all included in the entrance fee. No additional fees for anything. Get lost in a maze, climb a volcano, or challenge yourself in an adventure park.

Having a Birthday party? Why not have it here? They can create a special program for you. Including a special menu in their restaurant. You’ll pay 400 CZK on weekdays and 460 CZK on weekends. The parent accompanying their child enters for free.


If you want to feel at home, check out our categories of “Living” and “Places to go” where you will find tips for great pastime activities and recommendations for interesting spots. You will not only have a lot of fun but also learn about your new home.

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