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Following a global trend that is seeing more and more people demanding effective fitness-related services, new applications are mushrooming within the online market supporting customers of different ages and athletic preparation.

Foreigners are recently cooperating with a growing startup that is quickly developing and we believe has the potential to reach great results: GoFit (UPDATE, October 16: Link was removed – server not found) – the for gyms and wellness overall – founded in Prague in 2016.

We’ve always supported outdoor and indoor fitness activities, as well as sports in general, thus we couldn’t miss the opportunity of backing up this enterprising initiative.

The founder of the online platform, the British entrepreneur Albert Ballardini, conceived the idea out of a personal necessity: how to keep working out at affordable prices when traveling abroad for just a few days?

GoFit team (on left) at Foreigners Prague’s office

Based in London where he was working as a lawyer, after a few years Albert was offered to commute from the UK to Prague in order to cooperate with the local business branch of the company.

His yearly pass at the gym where he used to practice Krav Maga in Great Britain couldn’t be extended to another country with different infrastructures, hence – while doing his MBA at UNYP – he came up with the above-mentioned idea. After consulting with the head of the Business Department of the faculty and one of his fellow colleagues, the development process was put in motion.

GoFit was meant since the beginning as a user-friendly platform gathering high-profile venues where the user could apply for a flexible gym membership in a few clicks. Its services – all offered with a 10% discount – can be booked directly from the website/app (UPDATED on October 12: the link was removed – website not secure) after conveying the online payment, the client has on average 45 days (this may change in specific cases) to attend the chosen activity and is only required to show the admission ticket when accessing the gym.

The customer can choose among dance classes, SPAs, gyms, yoga workshops and swimming pools with which Albert has developed personal bonds by meeting owners and professionals from these locations in order to establish a series of win-win cooperations. The number of facilities currently available on the website runs around the amount of 20.

The task was not easy: the online platform took months to get ready and a few Czech gym owners couldn’t really grasp the advantages of such a cooperation. Nevertheless, most of them (a solid 90%) found the idea really attractive and agreed to collaborate with him.

The GoFit website offers various types of sports activities in Prague.

The success of the startup is granted by another important feature: GoFit customers can easily switch from one service to another, mixing relaxing meditation with an energetic Crossfit workout, a chilling afternoon at a local Yoga Studio with a demanding swimming session at the nearby pool.

The businessman just arrived in town as well as the Erasmus student planning to stay in Prague no more than a few months can greatly benefit from using the platform without the necessity of applying for a long-term subscription that could exceed the customer’s sojourn.

The GoFit team (UPDATED on October 12: the link was removed – website not secure) involves a bunch of passionate young professionals looking forward to consolidating their newly created startup and potentially expand beyond Prague during the next years. The initial results are promising and, if the project keeps going at the current pace, the idea is to include a nutrition diary (built under the supervision of a professional nutritionist) where clients could upload their daily diet on the website and relate it to the gym sessions they’re undergoing.

We wish good luck to these brave startuppers and hope in a fruitful cooperation that would keep us all fit and well-looking 😉

Find out more about the company’s story, mission, and partners on the GoFit website. The GoFit Facebook page – as well as other social media websites – are coming soon 🙂

Written by Nilo Castaldini

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