Some Expats in the Czech Republic Will Have to Undergo Integration Courses

Some expats living in the Czech Republic will have to undergo special integration courses that are expected to start taking place from January 2021 according to a new decree proposed by the Ministry of the Interior. During these courses, they should learn for example, about customs and the Czech language, but also about the issue of domestic violence. The draft of this decree was recently sent for the comment procedure.

What Is the Purpose of These Courses?

The reason behind this proposal of the Czech Ministry of the Interior is the Ministry’s effort to prevent expats from socially isolating themselves from the Czech society, help them get used to a completely new foreign environment and to acquaint them with their rights and obligations. According to the Ministry, it should also contribute to reducing the risk of terrorist attacks.

The topics of these courses are ranging from housing or problem solving to tradition, culture, domestic violence and gender equality. So far these courses are only optional, however, from January 2021 they will be mandatory and expats will have to pay for it themselves. This is, at least, what was proposed by the Ministry of the Interior, but it is possible that it will change after the comment procedure.

According to a new decree, some expats would have to undergo integration courses.

Who Are These Courses Intended for?

These courses are intended for all new expats with the long-term or permanent residence permit with the exception of those who arrive in the country:

  • For the purpose of studies; 
  • Investment; 
  • Protection in the territory;
  • Those who hold a card of an internally transferred employee;
  • Or those expats whose permit has been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 Their length should be four hours and they will be available in nine languages in total:

  • Arabic;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Mongolian;
  • Russian;
  • Serbian;
  • Spanish;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Vietnamese.

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UPDATED on October 16: Only people who receive a residence permit in the Czech Republic after December 31, 2020 will have to undergo these courses.

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  1. I went to one of these courses (they are doing it on 2020 for free, as a test to get feedback) and people with EU partner (residence as family member of EU citizen) will also not have to do these courses.

    1. Hi,

      thank you for the information! So far we haven’t found any source containing this information, so we’re expecting some details to be released soon.

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