Day 9 of Advent: 5 Never Disappointing Xmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, shops just reopened meeting the coronavirus countermeasures and so you are probably wondering about the ideal gifts for your loved ones. Don’t forget that Christmas is about coming together with the closest family and having a jolly and amazing time. Gifts are just the extra bonus! Anyway, if you love to give gifts to your friends and family members, let’s take a look at some Christmas gifts ideas that Czech people usually find under the Christmas tree. Maybe you’ll find inspiration here!


  • Christmas Sweater

A sweater with a Christmas motif must not be missing in the wardrobe! If you or any of your family members still do not have a Christmas sweater, it’s a great idea for presents!

  • Christmas Socks

Socks for Christmas, once boredom or disappointment, now fun! Colorful socks, design socks, cheerful socks, call them whatever you want, but one thing is for sure: you can’t put your foot in it with such socks! 

  • Christmas Underwear

How about underwear with lots of patterns and colours that your whole family will love? High quality and above all a pleasant and comfortable material? Take a look at Elka Underwear! Several Christmas designs, beautifully wrapped! You can even buy the same for the whole family!

  • Christmas Pyjamas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your whole family? Bet on Christmas pyjamas with beautiful winter motifs. Everyone will be excited about Christmas pyjamas! Changing clothes from festive clothes after Christmas Eve dinner will still have a touch of Christmas atmosphere. And what’s more? You can spend the whole holidays, watch fairy tales and feel comfortable in your new stylish Christmas pyjamas.

Love the giver more than the gift! :-)
Love the giver more than the gift! 🙂


A book, one of the most traditional gifts that will never disappoint. Reading books brings a certain mood, atmosphere to everyday life. We’ve already shared a lot of book ideas with you on the blog, how about buying them as a Christmas present and making someone happy with a nice book? We recommend Women’s Voices in Rowing”14 remarkable testimonies of inspiring women who feel in love with rowing! The book was published only a few days ago! Or the “The End of Procrastination” written by Petr Ludwig that is dedicated to improving your long-term motivation and helping you get the most out of your life.


You will never make mistake with a voucher! Conversely, if you are unsure of your choice, a voucher is a great alternative! Giving a voucher as a gift can really be given to any type of shop or services such as a hairdresser or car wash. What about a restaurant? Who wouldn’t like to eat well and in a beautiful environment? Or where you wouldn’t even go by yourself? Now is also a great opportunity to support local businesses, for which this year has been extremely challenging! By buying a voucher, you will make more people happy!

Christmas shopping
Christmas shopping

There aren’t many days left until Christmas. Time is really running out. Don’t leave it to the last minute! Perhaps you were inspired by today’s article! More tips and traditions in regards to Christmas are coming soon, so stay tuned and follow our social media

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