11 Tips for Christmas Gifts 2018 from Foreigners

Are you considering buying some gifts for Christmas for your relatives and close friends while living in the Czech Republic? Here are 11 ideas from our Foreigners team carefully selected specially for you!

1. Veronika, Domeq Operations Coordinator:

Environmentally friendly presents are a lovely way to go this Christmas! These products are a gift not only for your close ones but also for our planet 🙂 Goodglass is a stylish pretty thing that helps to cut down on consumption of plastics + Sonnentor tea made of herbs and tea leaves exclusively from ecological farms.

2. Gabriel, Expat & Immigration Consultant, Brno:

I would suggest buying original handcrafted lead crystal glass – for example, some nice decanter or tumblers. Next idea is to buy traditional Christmas tree decorations.

3. Alenka, Executive Assistant, Headquarters:

Types of Christmas gifts vary in the Czech Republic depending on how well you know the person and also how close you are. It can be something practical for the household if you have a hunch that the person would appreciate it. For example, you know they love glass bowls and they had just broken one recently. Or, it can be something they are too shy to buy for themselves but would definitely love it, like a more expensive notebook for writing/drawing (check on https://www.knihydobrovsky.cz/leuchtturm1917-zapisniky for example. I always choose gifts that show I know something about the person 🙂

4. Thi Thu Ha Tran, Relocation Consultant, Brno:

I think it depends on who you want to give the gift. In case it is for the Czech person, I would definitely give him/her something traditional from your country. And if it is somebody from your home, I would give him/her something traditional from the Czech Republic. You know, the Czech beer and products related to beer. Easy! 🙂

According to Veronika, Goodglass is a great solution to help our planet!

5. Adam, Executive Director, Brno:

Book: “Old Czech and Moravian tales” (Staré pověsti české a moravské). In my opinion, this is a perfect gift for anyone who has fallen in love with the Czech Republic. This book is a mandatory reading for every Czech person. There are the most famous names and events of Czech national mythology and history. If you want to get this book for your Czech friends you can get the standard version. If you decide to endow your expat friends you can buy the adapted version for them (written in a simpler Czech language) so they even learn the language while reading!

6. Šárka, Office Coordinator, Prague:

For your expat friend/partner I would recommend choosing a multi photo frame. It might be partially for pics from their home country, but also for all great memories they will make here, in the Czech Republic.

7. Rado, Executive Director, Prague:

I would like to recommend a sweet and lovely product made in Czechia from the Czech ingredients called “Czech Nougat”. This is that right present for each personality or age or nationality because everybody likes sweets. This glamorous product made from Czech honey with high quality will delight your tongue. Plus the story of love and sedulity behind the company can show you that real people like we are able to deliver peace of love via this sweet nougat. So I can proudly advise a small sweet dream to you from Prague producers. Enjoy the “Czech nougat”!

Visit their website: https://www.prazskacokolada.cz/prague-chocolate.

8. Pavel, Relocation Consultant, Prague:

I would highly recommend leather gifts by Czech handcrafters Tlustý. Everyone would choose these gifts. You will be surprised by its quality and originality which last long, and also it’s unique. For example, diaries can be personalized, you can even give a person a gift voucher.

A gift voucher from Tlustý handcrafters

9. Vojta, CFO, Co-founder, Headquarters:

Try to buy a typical Czech cap “zmijovka”. It is very a funny cap, although it is becoming kind of cool these days. It was used by typical Czech butchers back in the old days. Every butcher or fisherman who was selling fish used zmijovka. The word “zmijovka” refers to zmije “viper” and this particular word is used due to typical pattern which looks like a viper. You can buy it here: https://www.kulichy.cz/originalni_zmijovky/.

10. Andrea, CEO, Co-founder, Headquarters:

I love many places in the Czech Republic, so my tip for a gift is a weekend stay at the beautiful Hotel Zikmundov located only 1-hour drive from Brno. The environment, the staff, the food, the wooden hot tub, the stars, everything is so relaxing that you would love to return there again.” Visit their website: http://zikmundov.com.

11. Bonus tip for Slovakian Christmas gift from Vojta:

Try Fusakle! Fusakle is a local brand which makes stylish and crazy socks. You even might know a similar one – Happy Socks. Fusakle are from Slovakia (from our brothers Slovaks, as we were as one country before 1992 and it still feels as if we were one country). It’s a local brand, “Socks” are “ponožky” in Czech language. The word “fusakle” means the same as “ponožky” but it’s a non-standard expression.  Visit their website: www.fusakle.sk.

Beautiful Hotel Zikmundov

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you’ll find a perfect gift for your significant ones! In case you’re wondering what to visit in Prague in December, here’s a great tip for you: Christmas markets! For those who are interested in traditional Czech ways of celebration – read this article and find out more about Czech Christmas mindset!


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