Day 11 of Advent: Brilliant & Eco-Friendly DIY Ideas for Christmas

When Christmas is mentioned, what’s on your mind? Christmas trees with lights and Christmas ornaments, colourful candles, wreath and nicely packed gifts. Those are on my mind and I’m sure you must think of something similar as well. What makes Christmas feel so different to other days? I would say it’s the decors. If there’s no decoration, there is no Christmas vibe!

Unfortunately, Christmas is short. On one hand, it’s not a wise choice to spend a lot of money on new decors every year since they will be used for maximum only a month and then you will have to put it back in the box and wait for the next year. On the other hand, it is also a bit tedious to have the same decors every year. So, if you are looking for a way to get new decors with just a little cost, you get to try these DIY ideas for Christmas. Besides the decors, you will also get so much fun!

Let’s do DIY together and have some fun!

Fruit Christmas Chains

If you’re a fruit-lover or an environmentalist, you will love this DIY idea because you can both enjoy the fruit and use what’s left behind. Even if you’re not, it’s never a bad idea to have some fruity smell in the room, right?

Orange is one of the fruits whose smell can boost your body’s production of serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel happy, same as lemon and grapefruit. The smell of them also reduces the level of the stress hormone norepinephrine, so you’ll wake up but still feel calm.

Once you eat an orange, mandarin or grapefruit, don’t dispose of the peel. Instead cut some shapes out of it. And if you are cooking homemade hot wine, boiled cinnamon and pieces of oranges fit perfectly for this DIY. Make small holes on them and put them near the heating to dry. Once dry, pull a string through the holes. And done! You got zero-waste Christmas decors!

Boiled orange, cinnamon and peel of fruits, they are not waste anymore.

Snowman Ornament DIY

Waste not, want not. If you just happen to have some broken bulbs at home, why not transform them into Christmas ornaments! Simply paint or glue some glitter on them, draw a smiling face with black dots and add two sticks on it with glue, so they look like snowmen. Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree are well and nicely done.

Mini Yarn Hat

I used to have one mini yarn hat at home. It’s so cute and it fits perfectly for wine bottles. Besides “keeping warm” for wine bottles, these mini yarn hats are also adorable ornaments for your Christmas trees. All you need are just paper rolls from toilet paper or kitchen paper towel and yarn. What you need to do first is to tie the paper roll with plenty of yarn threads. Once the paper roll is fully covered by yarn threads, push all the threads through the paper roll so that the ends of the threads are facing toward the opposite side. And the last step, tie a knot around the threads and trim the thread to get the best look. 

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