Czech Christmas with an Italian Touch

With weather conditions getting harsher day by day in the Czech Republic, Christmas is one of those occurrences that helps to keep up a good mood in Wintertime.

When I was a child I couldn’t wait for Christmas vacations to come: my family used to gather and exchange presents and wishes, a habit that we’ve preserved until today. By growing older, a good part of the excitement has unfortunately vanished.

Nevertheless, my stomach still awaits with the same impatience the excellent delicacies prepared by my nana.

In my grandmother’s old house, marvelous smells come from the kitchen the morning of the 25th. Liliana – my beloved nonna from Italy – starts boiling the bouillon since 4 in the morning, putting 70 years of experience in every preparation step.

She has mastered her techniques since she was a teenager, and when she married she had to take care of 4 unchained daughters, feeding them twice a day. No wonder she became a skilled cook.

In Prague, different Italian restaurants offer the equivalent of a typical Italian Christmas meal. Have a look at 3 locations that a typical Italian granny would appreciate.

La Finestra in Platnéřská 13 (Prague 1) displays a great selection of wines from the most well-known Italian regions. The venue focuses on meat and fresh fish, welcoming its guests in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget to book at, or call +420 222 325 325.

La Bottega Gastronomica in Ondříčkova 17 (Prague 3) offers an informal but well-finished environment which menu includes delicious duck ravioli, beluga lentils, beetroot crumble and many more tasty dishes. Contact the bistro via email at, otherwise call +420 222 233 811.

Pasta Fresca in Celetná 11 (Prague 1) prepares one of the tastiest homemade pasta in town. Its competitive prices and domestic touch combined with an appetizing menu that changes day by day are a quality warranty. Get in touch with them writing at, or make a call to +420 224 230 244.

Want to save some money and make your Italian Christmas meal by yourself? Email me (just kidding) or attend one of the professional workshops that will teach you how to handle a mattarello – the original rolling pin. We recommend Laboratorio – Scuola di Cucina, Presto or Cook & Meet.

Once for all, you’ll learn how to make pasta al dente and stop overcooking spaghetti!

Want to learn the Italian language while sharpening your cooking ability? Don’t miss the amazing series of video clips from Chef Rubio called ‘Nonne do it better’.

What about a trip to the Bel Paese? RyanAir has recently signed an agreement with the Bologna Airport offering cheap flights (I paid 1100 CZK for the round trip all included) that will bring you to the beautiful Emilia-Romagna region in 1 hour and a half approximately.

Have you already booked a flight to Dubai? No worries! Find out the main features of the Italian Christmas on, and learn more about presepe (Nativity scene in Italy) on

Looking forward to meeting some Italian folks in person? Come to our next #MeetUp taking place on the 7th of December at Globe Bookstore and Cafe. Get ready to sing some Christmas songs 😉

Stay tuned and tanti auguri di Buon Natale (Merry Christmas) from the Foreigners team!


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Nilo Castaldini

Volunteer for the Italian Red Cross, I enjoy good company, off-road motorcycles and pasta 'al dente'. My philosophy upon personal growth and future perspectives can be summarised quoting the words of the famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet: “The most beautiful of [our] seas, is the one we haven't sailed yet […]”.

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