Coronavirus in Czechia: Releasing Restrictions in Accordance with PES System

The Czech government has introduced a so-called PES system (“Protiepidemický systém” for long and also “dog” in Czech) – a guide for releasing the restrictions introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic. This plan uses five different levels and a score ranging from 1 to 100 to describe the current epidemiological situation in Czechia. In accordance with the levels and the score, the current restrictions will be either released or – if the situation starts getting worse again – tightened.



PES System for Releasing Restrictions

The so-called PES system shows how restrictions will either be released or tightened based on the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic. The epidemiological situation is described using five levels and a score ranging from 1 to 100 and it will be evaluated every week on Wednesday. Right now the situation is on level five (the highest level), but if the number of new cases remains the same or decreases by Wednesday, some restrictions could be released

This means that for example:

  • Gatherings of up to six people would be allowed, 
  • Up to 20 people could attend funerals and weddings, 
  • The night curfew would be shortened,
  • Some classes could return to schools,
  • Up to six people would be allowed to exercise outdoors,
  • Libraries could operate again, albeit in a specific mode.
Test tubes
The COVID-19 restrictions will be released or tightened according in accordance with the PES system.

It is already planned that schools will open on November 18, after the public holiday on November 17, for some students. The rest will have to continue distance learning depending on the epidemiological situation.



Right now it is also recommended that companies let their employees work from home if it’s possible. Information on the countermeasures that are currently in effect can be found on a special website created for mapping them.

This also means that the state of emergency would have to be further extended, which could also affect travelling to and from the Czech Republic (for tourism, for example).

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