How Does Brexit Change Health Care in the Czech Republic?

In connection with the latest news regarding Brexit, rules of medical treatment in the Czech Republic will change. Previous access to health care for non-EU citizens may have differences if there is a no-deal Brexit. Brits should get the new health insurance before October 31, otherwise, the previous one will not be valid.

If you are a non-EU citizen who lives, studies, or spends vacation in the Czech Republic, you should revise your access to health care before October 31. You need to have Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance for foreigners. Unfortunately, with no-deal Brexit, the holders who have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) later, after Brexit, won’t be able to utilize it. 

For proper medical treatment you need:

  • registration to live in the Czech Republic
  • registration for health care under the local rules and legislation of the Czech Republic 
  • full health insurance that will cover all medical help while applying for residency

Additionally, if you already have a residence permit in the Czech Republic, you have the right to access  the statutory health insurance scheme and get the same medical help as Czech citizens. 

If you live in the UK and intend to travel to the Czech Republic after no-deal Brexit, you are not entitled to use EHIC. When visiting the Czech Republic, you must take out the appropriate travel insurance, as well as when visiting other countries. 

Traveling to the Czech Republic after no-deal:

If the UK does not agree with the EU, it will be good to prepare for possible changes in access to medical services in the Czech Republic. As there will be no-deal Brexit, and you are a British citizen traveling abroad, you will need to take measures to ensure that your insurance services are valid.

The EHIC will operate until the 31st of October when the UK leaves the EU. Your EHIC can also be used to access UK-funded treatment if your visit or treatment began before Brexit and your return to the UK.

On the contrary, your EHIC may be invalid if there will be no-deal Brexit. This will depend on whether the UK has an agreement with the Czech Republic or not. In the event of no-deal Brexit UK citizens need to cover full payment for treatment.

Before Brexit, UK citizens who reside in the Czech Republic and get injured in serious or life-threatening situations still have the chance to use the SOS call 112. 

If you are going to the Czech Republic either for a short period or a permanent stay, and already have some problems with health, ask your doctor in the UK for advice before you travel. Also, you should inform the insurance company in the UK in order to avoid any  extra medical costs in the Czech Republic

Students’ Insurance in the Czech Republic: 

Regarding the UK students who study in the Czech  Republic, EHIC will be valid until the 31st of October. However, after the exit day the EHIC may not be valid. In this case, students must get comprehensive health care insurance to cover medical services. 

For further information on the EHIC, please refer to this website.

If students have already started their studies before the exit day, they will still have access to EHIC.

Students who start their education in the Czech Republic after Brexit need to arrange comprehensive insurance

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