Venezuelan Citizens: What to Do If Your Passport Expired

An important piece of news for all expats from Venezuela living in the Czech Republic is presented in this article. We received information from our client which helped us get a better perspective on this situation. Due to the current political crisis, Venezuelan expats are struggling to renew their passports, therefore the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic has suggested a solution regarding this issue.

The Ministry of Interior commented on the situation concerning all the Venezuelan citizens who are staying long-term or permanently in the Czech Republic. If you’re one of them and your passport is about to expire or already expired, you can continue residing in the territory of Czechia.

Venezuelan citizens will be given special documents which have the nature of travel documents and will temporarily replace Venezuelan passports. This procedure concerns only those holders of Venezuelan passport who have a long-term or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and can’t renew their passport through the diplomatic mission abroad.

In case a Venezuelan citizen has a long-term residence permit in Czechia, they will be issued with a Certificate of Identity upon their request, whereas the one with a permanent residence permit will receive an Alien’s Passport. All Venezuelan citizens who are in need of changing their passport should place their inquiry at appropriate offices of the Ministry of Interior.

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4 thoughts on “Venezuelan Citizens: What to Do If Your Passport Expired

  1. Thanks alot for this information. I am one of the person who need this passport to travel around. I living in Czech Republic more than 11 years.
    Please how I can apply for this kind of the passport?

  2. I am 43 yr old male living in the United States. My Venezuelen passport is expired. How do I renew it?

    1. Hi Carlos, we can’t help you with immigration issues if you aren’t living in the Czech Republic. I suggest you get in touch with the Venezuelan embassy in the US to sort this out!


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