Lease Agreements: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Living in the Czech Republic is quite a fantastic experience. I couldn’t have imagined myself as satisfied with my stay, so far, as well as the amount of good vibes that can be gained throughout this city’s streets on a daily basis. It’s awesome. After I finally found a place to call home, I immediately felt that I was in perfect harmony with my new environment. I noticed that a good part of moving to another country and appreciating its potential involves finding a proper flat/apartment where you can settle down.

Such a process can be quite difficult when you’re lacking expertise or simply even the basic knowledge of the local language! That’s where get involved! Years of experience matters! This reason is why you can trust us when searching for the perfect accommodation to fit your needs!

A well-chosen apartment will make your staying pleasant

Nevertheless, when a place is located and your adventures in the Czech Republic can officially begin, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to make your stay as smooth as possible. In this sense, respecting the lease contract you have signed and all of its clauses should be at the top of the list of things you have to handle properly while living here.

Below you will find some reminders and tips to make sure that you’ll avoid any issues with your landlord and also get the best out of your experience in this marvelous country. We are certain you have respected the contract conditions so far, we just want to be sure that there’s no chance you will forget them in the future. 🙂

Signing an official contract gives you more guarantees

First of all, you need to pay the rent and related services (if not included)! In any case, you must do this no later than the 30th day of the preceding month. We all know how having four weekends a month are enough to spend your entire wages by partying and having fun. Just remember to save some for the nice Lessor who’s been happy to have you in their property.

We completely put our trust in your ability to avoid any sort of discontent with the owner of the residence!

Secondly, make sure you don’t exceed the consumption of household utilities, such as water, gas, and electricity, beyond the average established by the Lessor. We want you to be fresh and clean with water to shower; to fill your bellies with delicious foods made in a functioning electric oven and lights that work to be able to read your favorite books!

In this case, the Lessor would be allowed to demand an additional payment, in full, for such services.

We also understand that some of you like to party hard! That doesn’t mean you have to create a new Giotto in your living room of your newly rented flat by sloshing red wine all over the walls while dancing The Macarena! However, if that situation were to arise and the Lessor doesn’t quite care for Italian Renaissance, be aware that you’ll have to pay for that in accordance with the lease agreement. Was it one of your friends who did the misdeed? That won’t justify the damage caused and you’d be responsible for the payment or the potential loss of your security deposit, as agreed to by the owner.

By following our reminders you won’t break any rule

What happens if you enter the apartment and that amazing chandelier you saw in the living room the first time you came in isn’t working anymore? No worries! This time you’re not at fault. The solution depends on the conditions agreed with a landlord: you can either call your landlord ASAP to make sure they can contact someone they trust to fix the problem or simply change the bulb by yourself. Just remember to follow what’s written in the contract also in this seemingly easy situation.

We know you totally adore your pets and wouldn’t move to the Czech Republic without them! That’s why we help in finding somewhere that will accept your animals in their property, so your beloved four-legged friends can move with you. Having them with you let’s you know they’re undoubtedly and unequivocally part of your family! This still doesn’t justify Micio, your fluffy kitty, sharpening its claws on the handsome Gucci leather sofa you surprisingly discovered abandoned in your new flat. Remember, you’re required to pay for that sofa damage as well and any further damages that Micio could cause.

Make sure you’ve understood the contract before signing it

Is your fabulous experience in the Czech Republic already over? We hope you’ve had the time of your life here and that we were able to assist you in enjoying your stay! When you leave the apartment make sure that all the equipment and facilities are as you found them. Has the wood floor been waxed like it was when you moved in? Is the kitchen as shining as a Caribbean shell on the beach? Are the windows so spotless that someone could accidentally run into them because they’re so clean they can’t see they’re there?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re ready to go! If not…well…you already know the answer!

Don’t forget about all the clauses we mentioned, even when you’re going home just for a short vacation during the summertime. If you happen to be too busy to remember all of them and you forget to pay your landlord on time, we’ll most likely get a call from them! At that time, we would notify you immediately!

From our viewpoint, any payment you have missed is just a matter of forgetfulness, not on purpose. Prove us right! 😉

In case you still have some doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our Relocation Consultants in writing at or They’ll be ready to answer any and all questions that keep your mind wandering!

Have a wonderful day and keep enjoying the unicity of our lovely home, the Czech Republic!

Editor: Marq Edward Shafer – Prague PR Coordinator

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