I Scream You Scream, We All Scream for Prague’s Ice Cream

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and in Prague, this applies twice! Is there anything better than enjoying a scoop of your favourite ice cream and admiring Prague’s architecture and views? Also, the warm sunny days are begging you to make your own itinerary of the best ice cream. But where to go, so this experience can be enhanced with truly delicious ice cream? Don’t worry, we got you! As Praguers, we’ve tried to gather a few of what we consider our favourite ice cream parlours.

Prague ice cream


Créme de la Créme

Créme de la Créme is probably the most famous thanks to the long queues people make in front of their parlour. But the ice cream is definitely worth the sacrifice. They offer a great range of classic flavours of creamy ice creams. The vegan options include not only fresh sorbets but also more fancy flavours, for example, sea ​​buckthorn and rosemary, and Aperol flavour. 

Would you like to die from a brain freeze? Créme de la Créme offers an all-you-can-eat bottomless ice cream cup for 200czk for the more adventurous ones!

Créme de la Créme logo

Where to find them?

  • Národní 341/23, Praha 1
  • Průběžná 1939/58, Praha 10
  • Pod Kaštany 236/2, Praha 6
  • Husova 231/12, Praha 1
  • Francouzská 761/21, Praha 2



Angelato was born in 2007 from a very simple idea, to offer high-quality ice cream.” That’s how its owners, Zlatko, Biljana Kebakoska, and Bojan Dimitrijević describe it. As you probably know, this is not traditional Czech ice cream. The creators are from Macedonia. As mentioned at the beginning, Angelato relies on high-quality ice creams without any artificial dyes, preservatives, or seasonings. If you decide to taste the Angelato ice cream, you can be ready for not only an authentic and delicious brand of ice cream but also some truly unique flavours. Angelato already offered its customers flavours such as cucumber, mojito, and rice flavour.

Angelato logo

Where to find them?

  • Rytířská 29, Praha 1
  • Újezd 24, Praha 1
  • Bělohorská 50, Praha 6
  • Dejvická 27, Praha 6



Trdelník with ice cream? Forget about that! That’s for tourists. Try Grom, a true italian gelato. Grom creates delicious, rich ice creams made from fresh milk, free-range eggs, white cane sugar and only the most precisely selected ingredients from Italy and the rest of the world. Grom ice cream can be enjoyed in various forms. Grom offers the already mentioned gelato, sorbet popsicles, ice floes or frappés. Like true Italians, they also offer true Affogato, which is one part hot chocolate, one part gelato. Oh, sweet diabetes, here we come! If this still isn’t enough for you, you can also try their delicious spreads, jams or cookies.

Grom logo

Where to find them?

  • Vackávské námest 55, Praha 1
  • Every supermarket offers a Gelato cup, so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home


Puro Gelato

Another great place to go for an honest Italian gelato is Puro Gelato. Puro gelato promises unique and memorable flavoured gelato, which is sold fresh and made daily in small batches. Ludmila Abrhám, the creator, has a lot of experience in the culinary world. She focused her culinary passion on gelato. Therefore, if you have a sophisticated tongue for high-quality gelato, this culinary experience is definitely worth trying. Maybe you could make a small contest of tastes between Grom and Puro Gelato!

Puro Gelato logo

Where to find them?

  • Rybalkova 29, Praha 10
  • Na Příklopě 22, Praha 1



We are concluding our short ice cream list with a cute ice cream parlour  – Zmrzlinář. Zmrzlinář is the best place for the indecisive ones. Zmrlinář offers smaller scoops. Therefore, you can taste as many flavours as you like. The creators of Zmrzlinář are true perfectionists. They believe in fragrant fruits and fresh ice cream. Their ice cream will never taste the same since its taste differs from the ingredients they used. As they say “We believe in live ice cream”.

Zrmrzlinář logo

Where to find them?

  • Slezská 15, Praha 2


Did we lure you for a good scoop of ice cream? Then go and get one! Let us know which flavour from which parlour is your favourite! For more delicious articles, not only about food, subscribe to our newsletter or simply keep following our blog!

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