International Children´s Day in Czechia

#LifeInCzechia Kids play a special role in our lives – whether it is your kid, sibling, nephew or anyone else you could think of. That’s why they also have their own day – June 1st is marked as International Children’s Day. It is a celebration of children’s freedom and rights. As every culture celebrates it differently, let’s take a look at how it goes in Czechia!

Children´s Day is celebrated all around the world

In Czechia June 1st might seem like any other day – kids go to school or kindergarten, and parents to work (unless the kid is homeschooled of course). There are no changes in the schedules of public transportation, nor in the opening hours of stores or restaurants.

However, it is very typical that kids receive something sweet on this day, such as chocolate, or a new toy. It is also common to take your kid to a special event. Here are some examples:

International Children’s Day in Prague

This celebration actually lasts longer than one day – it starts on 27 of May and ends on 4 of June. Part of it is also Children´s Day at Petřín, when the ticket for the Petřín Lookout Tower or Mirror Maze comes with a free voucher for one free ride on the historical carousel for each child.

A special day in ZOOs

There will also be a Children’s Day celebration in ZOO Prague when kids under 15 years of age pay only 1 CZK for entrance. Also, there is a special program prepared. However, the Prague ZOO is not the only one to hold such an event – other ZOOs around Czechia, such as ZOO Děčín, Jihlava or Ostrava also celebrate this special day.

Castles – place to learn and have fun

You can take an opportunity out of the Children’s day celebration at various castles. Lukov, Vyšehrad, Mnichovo Hradiště or Rajec nad Svitavou offer special guided tours for kids and also discounts on entrance.


Lots of cities also hold fun afternoons around this day – for example Lukov has sports afternoons for kids on June 3rd. There are many options on how to spend this day with your kids and it is up to you which one you choose!


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Article: ZOO Prague, Dečín, Jihlava and ostrava, Lukov, Vyšehrad, Mnichovo Hradiště, Rajec nad Svitavou


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