Open Air Cinemas Summer 2023

#LifeInCzechia As the sun dips below the horizon on a Summer evening, a magical transformation takes place across Czechia – the open-air cinemas come alive, enchanting movie enthusiasts with an unforgettable cinematic experience under the twinkling night sky. From the heart of Prague to the charming towns and cities scattered across the country, like Brno, open-air cinemas have become a beloved summertime tradition, offering a unique blend of film, culture, and camaraderie. Among these cinematic gems is KinoArt, a prominent player in the open-air cinema scene, and we will delve into the magic it brings to moviegoers. So, get ready to unfold the cinematic canvas under the stars as we uncover the beauty of open-air cinemas in Czechia.

Open Air Cinemas

The Open-Air Cinema Phenomenon: A Tale of Nostalgia and Wonder:

Delving into the roots of open-air cinemas, we will uncover the nostalgic origins of this beloved tradition. From humble beginnings to the grand celebrations of culture and cinema that they have become today, open-air cinemas continue to captivate audiences of all ages. We will explore how these enchanting venues have become a cherished part of Czechia’s cultural fabric, adding a touch of wonder to warm summer nights. You’ll find many Letni Kino’s, open air cinemas, around Czechia and if you venture far enough you’ll find a few in Bratislava too. If you’re interested in all the locations you can find them here.

Cinematic Venues Across Czechia: From Parks to Rooftops:

The allure of open-air cinemas lies not only in the films they showcase but also in their unique and breathtaking locations. Traverse the diverse landscapes of Czechia, uncovering the various venues where open-air cinemas come to life. From picturesque parks and lush gardens to trendy rooftops with panoramic views, each venue adds its distinctive charm to the cinematic experience. With each location you’ll get a new experience and find your favorite location.

The Art of Curating an Open-Air Cinema Program:

Behind the magic of open-air cinemas lies the meticulous art of curating film programs that resonate with diverse audiences. As many of these Letni Kino’s are expat friendly you’ll find that their programs often have films in different languages. Each night may hold a different experience. You could go to a Czech movie with English subtitles, or an English movie with Czech subtitles, or even a French movie with subtitles. It all depends on what night you decide to go. However these open air cinema’s also make sure to keep the movies up to date so you’ll also find recent titles. When I was doing my search on what movies would be showing I found the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer were both showing.

The Cinematic Atmosphere: A Symphony of Sound and Light:

An open-air cinema’s enchantment extends beyond the film itself; it lies in the harmonious symphony of sound and light that enhances the viewing experience. From state-of-the-art projection technology to carefully curated sound systems. You’ll find that your experience doesn’t differ to much from a traditional movie theater but it does give the ambiance of a whole new experience. Who hasn’t imagined watching a movie under the stars?

Enchanting Themes and Events: Beyond the Silver Screen:

Open-air cinemas offer more than just film screenings; they host a variety of thematic events that add an extra layer of magic to the experience. You can discover how these events foster a sense of community and inspire discussions about the art of cinema. By attending the Barbie movie you’ll find everyone dressed in pink which can foster a sense of community and familiarity. Depending on the film or if there’s a theme you’ll find that it changes the whole experience and can make it more memorable. Beyond entertainment, open-air cinemas hold the power to foster cultural exchange and community bonding.

A Taste of Cinema: Culinary Delights Under the Stars:

An open-air cinema experience would be incomplete without a touch of culinary delight. We will explore the array of food and beverage options available at open-air cinemas, from gourmet food trucks serving delectable treats to handcrafted cocktails that complement the cinematic journey. Uncover the joy of savoring your favorite movie snacks under the night sky. In most cases you’ll find that the open air cinemas don’t need a wide selection of snacks. On their menus it’ll most likely include beer, lemonade, sausage, and chips. Granted you don’t need all that much as open air cinemas typically happen later in the evening after dinner.


In conclusion, the open-air cinemas in Czechia weave a tapestry of cinematic wonder, inviting movie enthusiasts to embrace the magic of film under the enchanting night sky. From the rich history of open-air cinema to the captivating venues and carefully curated film programs, each element comes together to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. Among these treasures is KinoArt, a testament to the artistry and passion of open-air cinema. As you embark on your cinematic journey, immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of sound and light, savor culinary delights, and cherish the bonds formed under the stars. The open-air cinemas of Czechia beckon, ready to transport you to a world where dreams and reality blend seamlessly on the silver screen.





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