National Theatre Brno: What to Expect This Autumn and Winter

We’re sure that all theatre enthusiasts have been looking forward to hearing what’s going to happen at the local scene in the new season. Thanks to our partnership with one of the biggest and most popular theatres in Brno – National Theatre Brno (Czech: Národní divadlo Brno), we bring you the basic schedule of their exciting upcoming program! 

A premiere poster of Ballet Bajadéra

New season 2019/2020 in National Theatre Brno

  • Opera

A troupe of Janáček opera is finally returning home, to reconstructed Janáček Theatre: their first rehearsal along with Festival Janáček Brno took place here in Janáček Theatre. If you’re looking for more details concerning opera in National Theatre, they are provided here at this link.

  • Ballet

This season is very special for the ballet company of National Theatre Brno: they are celebrating 100 years! To honor this special and unique moment, there’ll be a big ballet Gala which will be held in 2020 on January 25 involving the famous names and faces of the European ballet scene. More details at the following link.

  • Drama

An extremely marvelous palette of ten posters for dramas of National Theatre Brno was provided by the legendary Czech photographer Jindřich Štreit in which black and white poetry combines with a contemporary graphic gesture. You can admire all ten posters at the special exhibition in Reduta Theatre from October 2. Further information about drama is available here.

Festival Janáček Brno was named Festival of the Year at the International Opera Awards

The sixth and seventh year of Janáček Brno Festival

National Theatre Brno announced that the past (sixth) year of International Opera and Music Festival Janáček Brno which was held in 2018 from November 17 to December 5 was named Festival of the Year at the prestigious International Opera Awards! In 2020 from September 28 to October 16, there’ll be the seventh year of Janáček Brno Festival and the program will be announced this year, precisely on December 1 along with a concert of top-notch troupe Pavel Haas Quartet in Reduta Theatre in Brno. Tickets will be available on sale from the beginning of December as well. More information about Janáček Brno Festival can be found at the following link.

Janáček Theatre in Brno

Apart from that, National Theatre Brno is happy to offer you a season ticket which you can choose among 15 types according to your preferences. All season tickets cover a majority of repertoire, so you can be sure that you won’t miss anything important.

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Photo credit: National Theatre Brno.

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