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#LifeInCzechia Calling all the lovers of good movies, popcorn and cozy atmosphere in Brno! What is a movie that you wanted to see lately? If you want to watch it in a small cinema, with an artistic touch, there are various options in Brno. So think about which movie you want to watch or get inspired on the websites listed below and come visit!

The atmosphere of small cinemas in Brno is irreplaceable!

Scala cinema

Scala cinema (Univerzitní kino Scala) is located at Moravské náměstí. It has both popular commercial movies as well as older or not-so-well-known movies. For instance, as part of Strach a Hnus ve Scale, which is a movie festival held here between 28th of February and 2nd of May, they play old French movies or a cult movie We Children from Bahnhof Zoo. Therefore, you can be assured that you will get a great artistic experience, no matter what movie genre you are into.

In the meantime (more concretely 23rd to 29th of March), they also participated in One World 2023, which is an International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Nevertheless, you can check their program here and you can also filter it for English-friendly movies.


Located in Brno-Veveří, this amazing cinema offers not only movies as you know them but takes the whole experience to another level. You can find the best short movies or movie quizzes here.

This place has its program adjusted so that you can select not only movies in English, German, and Korean but also other languages. You can check it out here. On top of that, you can filter the program for Expat friendly movies.

KinoArt cinema is definitely the best choice for any enthusiast of film art!


Speaking of cozy cinema, KinoCIT with its capacity of 38 seats is one of its kind in Brno. The places mentioned definitely do have an artistic feel. However, KinoCIT just levels up your experience from the cinema, not only thanks to its limited seat capacity but also to its E-cinema technology! It is in cooperation with KinoArt, and you can check its program here.

Bonus: Summer cinema at Špilberk

And to get you tuned in for summer, let us mention the summer cinema that takes place at Špilberk. Whether you are just passing through because of the great view from Špilberk or you want to elevate your movie experience, this is the right place for you! A great way to spend a warm summer evening under the stars – the cinema takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday through July, August and September.

Hope you are ready to grab some popcorn or come for a glass of wine – both alternatives are welcomed in these great art cinemas. Check at least one of them during your stay in Brno – we guarantee you will gain a great experience!


Picture: in cooperation with KinoArt

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