When Can You Relocate to Czechia and Start Working If You’ve Applied for an Employee or Blue Card?

#LifeInCzechia Expats who have applied for an employee card or blue card often ask us when it’s the best time to relocate to Czechia and when they can start working. It all depends on how long the approval process takes. Obviously, you want to come here as soon as possible to settle in and acclimate before you start working. But be aware – relocating before your application has been approved can have its disadvantages. Read more to find out what they are.

S potvrzením o splnění podmínek může cizinec pracovat i bez pobytové kartičky.

You can start working right away with a document confirming the fulfilment of conditions.


When will my application be approved?

As Kafka would tell you, the wheels of Czech bureaucracy turn very slowly. This also applies to approvals of residence permits and visas. The time is based on several variables:

  • Blue cards are usually approved faster because they concern workers who are very much desired in Czechia.
  • Applications submitted through programmes of economic migration are also approved much faster. If you’re not sure about how to do that, contact us and we’ll help you with the process.

According to the law, the process should take 60-90 days for employee cards, 90 days for blue cards and 30 days for permits submitted through government programmes.


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Early arrival versus early start date at work

Expats often wish to relocate to Czechia before their application is approved. This is – understandably – because they don’t want to wait. They want to come here and already settle in and get used to a new culture.

If this applies to you, you can come to the Czech Republic on a non-visa stay (as a tourist who, however, cannot legally work). However, this can eventually bite you in the butt. This is because you might have to wait longer to start officially working.

Here’s why: Until you’ve received your employee/blue card at the MOI, you’re not verified to work. This can take a long time because you have to get a biometrics appointment first and then you have to wait for the card to get made.

So instead, you can decide to be more patient and wait in your original country until your application has been approved. Once it’s been approved, the embassy will put a so-called D/VR visa (also known as a visa for the purposes of collecting a residence permit) sticker in your passport.

Holders of this special sticker can start working before they manage to get their card physically. All they need for this is a document confirming the fulfilment of conditions. According to the MOI, this confirmation will be given to you at their office regardless of when your biometrics appointment is. You can even apply for this document through a data mailbox if you have one.


Talk to your HR manager

To sum it up, if you don’t want to wait in your country, you’re risking that if biometrics take long, you’ll have to wait longer to start working. On the other hand, early arrival to Czechia has its advantages. So, it all depends on you and your HR manager.

Did you get a job offer and you’re planning on relocating to Czechia soon? Let us take care of all your needs. We’ll supervise the entire process and even help you relocate your family members. Contact us when you’re ready.

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