How Can a Foreign Woman Find a Job in the Czech Republic?

In the modern world, it is very common in a couple when a man is offered a job abroad, and his partner has to move to another country with him. During the first few months, time can be spent on home improvement, getting familiar with the city and finding new friends. However, what if you, as a woman, also want to find work abroad? Find out the answer in this article. 

Finding a job in the Czech Republic for a woman in 2019 is an easy process. It is enough to visit several job websites to get a certain idea of ​​what you can do in the Czech Republic, how much you will be paid and how to apply. However, one of the main problems that a lady can encounter is the lack of knowledge about the Czech language. 

In many companies, an employer requires at least a minimum knowledge of Czech. For this, you can go to free Czech language courses. They are offered in many cities and allow you to learn Czech at A2 level. This method is suitable for expats who came from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), for whom learning Czech will not be a complicated process since Czech is a part of the Slavonic language group and is very similar to Ukrainian or Russian. Nevertheless, if you come from Germany, for example, the Czech language will seem like hell to you. What do you do in this case?

Search for jobs where knowledge of the Czech language is optional. In the Czech Republic, there are a lot of international companies that are happy to hire expats who can speak the English language. 

However, quite often it happens that you learned English at school many years ago and by now only remember how to say “Hi. How are you?” Or you do not know English at all. How to solve this problem?

Join Nina English courses! Nina is a certified English teacher in Brno. She offers various programs for women such as “Weekend for Women” or an “Intensive Course”. Studying English with her will help you quickly learn English and find new friends, which is important when moving to a new country!

As you can see, moving to a new country for a spouse does not mean that you will be locked in a new apartment without a chance for career growth! Everything is possible if you only want it. 

P.S.  The Czech Republic has been rated as the #1 country for women to work, according to the Forbes article based on data collected in the most recent InterNations survey. According to expat women, the Czech Republic has come out as the #1 working destination across the globe, with a whopping 83 percent of women stating that they were happy with their jobs in the country. 

In order to get acquainted with the most popular job vacancies in the Czech Republic read this article. Do you want to join other happy expat women working in the Czech Republic? Buy our e-book “How to find a job in the Czech Republic” – a complete employment guide with tips from the HR assistant and lists of the best recruitment agencies. Good luck with building your new career abroad! 

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Veronika Khyzhniak

Hello, readers! My name is Veronika, and I come from Ukraine. I have been living in the Czech Republic for five years and definitely know many interesting and useful facts about this country! It is a pleasure to share them with you. Hopefully, you will like my posts! Enjoy :-)

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      1. HELLO! I am a Filipina marrued to Czech citizen from Czech Republic i would like to ask any suggestion which jobsite i can apply for work i can speak English.Thank you.

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          I would recommend using LinkedIn. Another good place to look is or

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