The New Recruitment Project by Grafton Is Looking for IT Colleagues

Can you imagine a job full of sports legends, sports information and sports data? How would you feel about using your expertise and know-how to obtain the world’s richest sports data and turn it into the most in-depth insights through artificial intelligence (AI)? Grafton Recruitment – the World Leader in Sports and AI Technology is NOW hiring new colleagues who will be part of their technology team in Prague! Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Data Analyst

This project is led by Michal Hanousek, who is the ambassador for the sporting events. He is the recruiter for the project and he told us a story about his journey:

I have been in recruitment for almost two years. Before that, I worked in the client centre for almost eight years, where I also managed a few people. Every time, I was in touch with people and I like that even now. Recruitment is very nice – I talk to people, I still deal with new situations (new positions, new clients and new candidates) and in the end, I have a satisfied client and a happy candidate, whom I helped change their lives. At first, I focused on financial positions. It made me absolutely happy when the company had a problem finding the right candidate and I was able to be in direct contact with the manager of the position, who explained to me exactly who it needed, I found such a person and also got well paid for it.

The company I work for now has a unique AI-based technology that can analyse sports scores and sports data – even in real-time. They sell their analyses to the media, bookmakers (by the way, also my very good clients) and also directly to sports teams. When you google some sports results or sports data of your favourite athlete or a team, the system of this company will most likely run in the background. When I learned that this company is about to build a new Technology Centre in Prague, I was excited to be part of the project. The head of the Czech representation (Engineering Manager) is a great expert, at the same time he is a great cheerleader, a sports enthusiast and I am in contact with him almost on a daily basis.   

Also to the sport – for me, when it comes to football, Chelsea (the 4th in the Premier League this year) and the Hanspaul League are clearly the best. Petr Roth, next time count on me again for squash at Haštal, you will lose again as the last one and then we will celebrate it together at the base.

Are you a data analyst? Apply now!
Are you a data analyst? Apply now!

Is that something you would be interested in? In case of other questions, Michal is fully available so do not hesitate to contact him! You can find all contacts in Michals’ LinkedIn profile. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

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