Moose Power: Sports Programs Inspired by Norway. A Project that Will Earn Your Trust!

Moose Power has been made for those of you who are ambitious, like to develop your skills and overcome your own limits. The project provides methodical sports programs that aim at providing a comprehensive client assessment and build a truly individual training program through which you will be guided. Their services are also available in English.

Moose Power wants to support the community of expats living in Prague who is not in a position or willing to use services of Czech sports clubs and other facilities due to language barriers. That is one reason why the partnership with Foreigners has been established.

Moose Power Norway Ondřej Matlach
Ondřej Matlach, the initiator of the Moose Power project, lived in Scandinavia for 5 years.

The author of the Moose Power project Ondřej Matlach, teacher, sports coach and generally an athlete likes to seek new and interesting methods in sports education only by adjusting them into his own training programs, as he mentions further below.

The Nordic culture

“In 2011, I went to Norway to learn about culture, traditions and approaches in the education of athletes in this country which is advanced not only in sports. I spent five years there in the North and it was a school for life. The key was to master a certain level of the Norwegian language that opened the door to knowing more. The inspiration for Moose Power project was, among other things, the methodology of the Norwegian Olympic Committee called “basistrening” and “spesifikk basistrening”. It mainly consists of a general and specific approach to training incorporating co-ordination, physical, psychological and social elements that promote injury prevention and long-term performance development.”

physiotherapy Moose Power
Moose Power programs include physiotherapy examinations.

The uniqueness of the project

Moose Power solves the real issues associated with the functionality of your body and overall performance in a given sport or in general everyday life. They link rehabilitation, nutritional guidance and sports training to one product able to reveal the weaknesses of your body and to design a program to address these. They are able to provide services also at a location of your choice or directly in your company, thus being very conscious of your time (management). They train mostly outdoors in parks, which has a positive effect on psycho-hygienic and the immunity. Their clients include both beginners and professional athletes. The majority of them are active people who want to combine hard work with everyday life and regular workouts.

nutritional guidance Moose Power
Nutritional guidance is a part of the project as well.

Moose Power fees

Those choosing to accept the challenge are rewarded. For example, an individual fitness program for the intermediate level is available for 512 CZK / 60 minutes if you break the program price down. The program includes in addition to the fitness training a diagnosis involving consultation, 60 minutes of physiotherapy and 90 minutes of nutritional guidance. The nutritional guidance includes the body composition analysis on InBody 270, recommendation on the appropriate nutrition and supplements. All the aforementioned services can be purchased separately also but obtaining the comprehensive program is the most advantageous option financially.

Moose Power team

Moose Power team

The team of Moose Power comprises of a fitness coach, a nutritional expert, a physiotherapist and a project manager (see the three of them on the photo above) who coordinate the team effort. Everyone who enters the program has the opportunity to consult with all of these specialized professionals and experts in their fields, which follows naturally from philosophy behind our program. Each of us has more than 10 years of experience in the field and / or direct experience with sports meets. But I think that it is our common enthusiasm for our work that makes the difference. For more information, visit the About Us section on their website.

running Moose Power
Moose Power welcome all ambitious people who want to keep their body healthy and in a good shape!

The members of the Moose Power team meets a lot of people who have high ambitions in sports and who often make absolutely basic mistakes in training and nutrition. Sometimes there is a very little needed to make a leap. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Moose Power online with any queries. For an overview of their activities, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

You can also meet the representatives in person at the Winter Edition of Sports MeetUp to which we cordially invite you – follow Foreigners Prague to keep yourself posted.

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