New Laws for Foreigners in the Czech Republic!

The Czech Ministry of the Interior has implemented a new “employment card” which will combine the previously separate work permit and residence permit for economic immigrants.   Most importantly, foreigners that are relocated to work in the Czech Republic for less than 6 months will now be able to move to and work in the Czech Republic without a work permit. This amendment also increases responsibility on Czech companies who employ foreign nationals to uphold the amendment. If a company does not abide by the new laws then they will be unable to employ foreign nationals for one year. The amendment is said to be effective either July or August 2014. This is exciting news for the international community, as well as the Czech Republic. This means that the Czech Republic has the potential to significantly increase its presence in the international business community and global marketplace. Employees that work for multinational enterprises will now be able to be placed to work in the Czech Republic on a much shorter timeline. They will not longer have to apply for a work visa and then wait to hear back before the employee can come to work, which makes sending employees short-term to the Czech Republic much more casual. This makes the Czech Republic a more attractive place to conduct business and open new branches. All information comes from Deloitte Immigration Newsflash. Read the official memo here: Deloitte Immigration Newsflash

6 thoughts on “New Laws for Foreigners in the Czech Republic!

  1. Dear Zoe, thanks for your quick report but please be careful with your oversimplification. The work permit will not be needed (if the bill has passed) only in special cases of employees sent to the CR by a foreign company and only when the work is part of education or qualification increase (like a fellowship/scholarship). Plus they will always NEED VISA , just the visa process will nor require to wait for the work permit in these special cases.

    1. Jan,

      Thank you for clarifying this! I am so sorry for any confusion. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge of Czech only allowed me to work with the one news source in English I was provided with. Good thing you were able to help clear things up!

      All the best,

  2. I’ve been offered a contract for work in Cz and it will be for a year, how can I get the visa then if I don’t need to work permit? Or how do I get the new employment card? Or who can I contact to get the answers?!

  3. Hello dear Czech Friends, Good Morning ! Can I apply for living & working in Czech Republic soon, How ? Can anyone help me ?

    Best Wishes-
    Dr. Mir Hassan Naim
    MBBS- University of Dhaka, BD.

  4. i’m non-europian, i want to work in Czech Republic, how can i get the work permit visa,? is that so hard to get a visa and move to Czech Republic…. thanks

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