Our Expat & Immigration Consultant Gabriel: Whatever You Wish Others Would Do to You, Do Also To Them

Gabriel Hakulín joined Foreigners Brno one year ago, in March 2018, on the position of the Expat & Immigration Consultant. He is always ready to help our clients with visa arrangements, health care or give them language assistance. Besides that, he is an inspired photographer, traveller and, simply, a cat lover! In this interview, we would like to tell you more about Gabriel’s work responsibilities, hobbies and favourite places in Brno.

Gabriel with his girlfriend

–  Gabriel, how did you get to know about Foreigners?

To describe the whole connection it would be a very long story. My very good friend dr. Munachiso Ndukwe (a Nigerian who studied Medicine in Hradec Králové) is a friend of our CFO, Vojta. Before finishing my Bachelor’s degree in business I started looking for a job vacancy. I asked Munachiso for his opinion, he suggested Foreigners. Then I was in Hradec Králové for the first interview, the second interview was with Vojta and took place in Brno, and the next day I had my last interview with a former director of Foreigners Brno, Aleš.

– Oh wow, that’s quite a big number of interviews for one person! I guess now you have a good experience in interviews, right?

Yes, I didn’t expect that it would be this much! However, it definitely was a good life experience for me! Moreover, it was nice to meet a lot of people from different Foreigners branches.

– You have been working at Foreigners Brno for a year.  What do you like about your job?

I love the feeling when I see grateful clients that I could help in our bureaucratic jungle. Sometimes our Ministry of Interior or The Municipality is not the most pleasant experience for expats. My personal goal is to make the experience better and see the clients smiling. I just wish that more clients would show up at our office with cats. In the past year, I had met only one cat so far. (You can check photos of our furry visitors in our Instagram stories).

– What do you find the most challenging part of your job and the most fulfilling?

Every client has a different story and different needs, therefore, the most challenging part is to satisfy those requirements.

– What are your plans for your personal and career future?

My personal plan is to have a family! In terms of career, I plan to finish my Master’s degree and hopefully become a cat masseur. It would be so cool to get paid for petting random cats! (Gabriel laughing)

– That’s a nice job position indeed! Do you have a cat?

Yes, I do have a cat! Her name is Stacey and she’s adorable! I had gotten her from the shelter when she was approximately 6 months old. This spring, it will be 3 years since signing the adoption agreement. She lives at my parent’s house in Liberec. She likes to go out when she wants to catch birds, mice, moles, lizards and anything that is moving and smaller than her. During nights or whenever it’s her time, she is inside keeping a company to my parents, cleaning herself, eating or sleeping.



– What do you do in your free time? I have heard that you are interested in photography! Is that true?

In my free time, I usually study.  And yes, I like taking photographs! I started being interested in photography during my last year at high school. The pressure with the final state exam was significantly increasing; therefore, I sought for means of release. In photography, I had found a way to relax. Instead of taking a break while studying, I went out to nature and shot pictures. I felt connected with nature and was sharing my experience on Instagram. While studying school subjects, I learned about composition and editing. Have you ever been in the forest from the morning? It is absolutely stunning to hear the birds singing and experiencing early sunrays getting through the trees.


I do not like going somewhere just for the picture, I like to catch the atmosphere, the moment. It builds my patience. Recently, I prefer shooting portraits but it´s always a good idea to shoot anything in nature.

Moreover, I like to travel around the world, explore new places, and meet people from different cultures! Travelling and photography are my two biggest sources for my inspiration. I always take a camera with me to capture the beauty of the world.

-That’s interesting! What countries have you visited already? Do you have a favourite one?

I had visited many countries in Europe and many states in the US. For me, it’s really difficult to tell which country is my favourite.

My favourite place in terms of people would be Texas. I had been there twice, both for almost a month. People are amazing, they are super-friendly, loving and they have big and open hearts.

My favourite places for nature are Iceland, Norway and the Alps. On the other hand, middle Europe has some amazing places such as Saxony Switzerland or Adršpach!


– How do you find living in Brno? Any favourite places?

I love Brno so much! I had been living my whole life in Liberec and for the past 5 years, it has been my dream to move here. People in Brno are friendly, more open and overall welcoming. Remember the first time when I came to Brno and those random people made me feel at home.

In terms of coffee – my absolutely favourite place is Monogram Espresso Bar! This place is so good! If I want to take a walk, I like going around the Petrov, have you ever been there with a cup of coffee in the morning? Empty and beautiful!



– If you had an opportunity to choose a country to live, which one it would be?

At the moment, I can’t imagine myself living in a different country than the Czech Republic. I had experienced living in the US but who knows what has been prepared for my future.


Thank you for your time, Gabriel!

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Photo source: photos by Gabriel


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