DOMEQ: The Awesome Promo Shooting Day

Do you know where the brand new living space DOMEQ in Brno is? If you’ve heard of it, it might be thanks to the promo that was recently shot at this modern residential building operated by Foreigners!

Classy facade of the residential building, DOMEQ. (Photo: CTP)

The building has been designed for people who like both living in peace and enjoying daily activities, no matter if they are foreigners or Czechs! The promo spot was shot at DOMEQ  on the 27th of October and, as a PR intern at Foreigners, I finally got the chance to visit this brand new building in Brno.

While the residents of DOMEQ hang out in the lobby.

The promo shooting day of this campus-like house was super fun! It was cool to see it before it officially opened, there were models attending the shooting and other members of Foreigners also visited.

Foreigners Brno team enjoyed at the promo shooting.

I had a chance to explore DOMEQ and to see the atmosphere, which is really unlike anything in Brno. 

The entrance of the building has a large kitchen where friends can cook and have dinner together. On the right side, there is a common lobby with a pool, television, comfortable chairs and armchairs and a presentation place in the corner. The seating is very comfy – believe me, I’ve tried it!

While residents have dinner at the large common kitchen. (Photo: CTP)
Comfy armchairs at the spacious lobby.
Presentation corner promo shot.

With all its all features, DOMEQ is a perfect place for those who want more out of their housing in Brno. There are plenty of things to do inside and outside of the building. You can go for a jog and enjoy the well-kept nature around the building. Or just get on the tram and take a quick, several-minute ride to get to the city center!

DOMEQ has recently opened its doors to its first tenants. There are studios, 2-bedrooms and other units available. You can stay alone or share a room with your friend; whatever you like!

One of the contemporary rooms at DOMEQ. (Photo: CTP)

Watch how we had fun in the afternoon on the promo shooting!

Check out more info about what kind of place DOMEQ is! Enjoy your stay here and in Brno to the max!

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