Oana from Romania: You Can Never Get Bored in Brno

We continue sharing unique and amazing expats’ stories with all of you: this time, we talked to a bright and wonderful Romanian girl Oana Filimon who told us about her experience of living in Brno and working at Global IT Center, HeidelbergCement Group.

Oana has been living in Brno for 4,5 years and currently she’s working in Global IT Center

Oana, why have you decided to relocate to the Czech Republic?

To be honest, it’s quite a long story but I will try to make it short. My husband and I were living in different countries and at the moment, we were planning to move together after I had finished my university. He was in Brno at the time and he really enjoyed living there, that’s why he kept telling me how amazing Brno is until he eventually convinced me.

That’s great! Do you like living in the Czech Republic then? Why? And was there anything that “shocked” you at the beginning?

Yes, indeed, I like it very much here! I even dare say that it’s an ideal place to live, because wherever you go, you’re surrounded by beauty. The city is filled with astounding architecture, the outskirts of Brno give us quick access to lush nature, such as the woods, forests or lakes. Also, there’re so many cultural events and fun things to try. Basically, you can never get bored in Brno! And about the thing that shocked me… It’s the word “hemenex” 🙂 (ham with eggs – editor’s note).

What’s your favourite spot in Brno?

There’re loads of great places but right now my favourite is the astonishing viewing spot on Bílá Hora.

Yes, there’s a beautiful view at Brno! How would you describe Czech people? Maybe in a comparison to Romanians?

Honestly, I don’t really notice much of a difference… Or maybe that Czech people are more open minded than Romanians. I would say Czechs are more accepting of different types of people and judge less, whereas in Romania people are highly conservative and traditional.

Do you work with Czech people? Or is it mostly internationals?

I work with both. The team I am part of mostly consists of internationals as we represent different countries at the Service Desk but there are a lot of Czech people as well.

Oana with her colleagues at Global IT Center

Interesting! Let’s talk about your work. What is it like to work in the Czech Republic? What are the biggest benefits for you?

I can say that it’s extremely rewarding. Here in Brno, I got my first serious job and I have learned and grown so much ever since. But most of all, I never lose the feeling that however much effort I put into doing work stuff, it is always appreciated.

That is wonderful! Tell us more about your job. What exactly do you do?

I am a Team Leader of the Italian Team in the Centralised Service Desk in Global IT Center. Apart from that, I also talk to users on a daily basis, and of course, have a lot of fun at my workplace as well 🙂

What do you enjoy in your job the most? 

I love the feeling when I am able to solve someone’s issues and I also love being in touch with people and organising fun activities for my team.

Great! You are working in Global IT Center in Brno. Why have you decided for this company?

Well, I was recommended this company by one of my friends, therefore I already heard so many great things about it. Then after applying, I was really pleased with the open and friendly talk I had with the manager who called me for the first interview. Besides that, I liked the company philosophy she was telling me about and then I saw this amazing office! All these things made me feel like this is exactly the place where I want to develop myself further in life. A place where people really matter.

Oana at her workplace

Tell us more about your personal life. How do you usually spend your free time?

In different ways, I have to say. When it’s warm I love taking walks and trips and discovering the whole Czech Republic. In colder days, I love cooking, spending time with my family, painting and also, to the misfortune of my neighbours, singing 🙂

I bet you sing beautifully! How’s your Czech? Do you use it on a daily basis?

My Czech language is still on a low level but I do my best to learn it.To my mind, it is a crucial thing to do in order to be able to fully integrate into a society.

Yes, you might be right! And do you miss your home country? Would you like to go back?

Of course I do, because it is my first home. I miss some particular places which are important to me and mostly people, but I wouldn’t go back because it feels too small for me to work on my self-growth.

Thank you, Oana! Last but not least: what would you recommend to other foreigners who are considering moving to the Czech Republic?

Before making the final choice, try to spend some time here!

Did you get inspired by Oana’s story? 

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