Coronavirus Volunteers: Provide Aid

With the coronavirus on the loose, people in the Czech Republic started doing the best to help with this urgent matter. New voluntary groups started being organized to help those who are most at risk of being infected by the new virus.

In situations like this one, people show their humanity and unity. Once again Czechs didn’t disappoint and brought their solidarity to the action! 

Whether it is the Red Cross, or just people grouping together on Facebook, coronavirus brought the whole Czech Republic closer together (only metaphorically though, please keep your distance!).

The Red Cross is looking for volunteers to put in its information call centers, or to use as assistants for the elderly, those most at risk from COVID-19. 

brno-city center Brno’s city center is empty due to the nationwide quarantine.

As for the newly founded groups on Facebook, they are trying to provide aid by babysitting for parents unable to take care of their children who are now at home due to closure of schools, or by the support of cultural institutions that are unable to generate income as a result of the government ban on public events. There are many such groups now probably, we have noticed for example this one in Brno and this one in Prague. Also, there is a group consisting of people who started sewing mouth cups. Even though they are all in Czech you can still try to get in contact with them if you want to help.

Students and employees of Masaryk University (MU), are also trying to assist during the epidemic, so they created the Volunteer Database. So if you’re studying or working at the MU and want to help with babysitting, help seniors or provide information to the needy (they accept people outside Brno too) you can apply. By logging in through Office365 (it is necessary to enter an email in the form UČ and by entering the primary password, the candidates will get to the database form, where they will choose the offered activity and insert the telephone so that the coordinators can contact them. We need to repeat once again here that this initiative concerns only students and employees of the MU!

Another kind of initiative can be found on It’s similar to the Facebook groups since it’s also providing aid to neighbors and old people, but once again it is in Czech. I would advise you to use google translate on this one.

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