Coronavirus in Czechia: Respirators in Public Transportation and Health & Social Institutions Only From 14 March

Good news! The number of new coronavirus infections in Czechia has been steadily going down and so the Ministry of Health has decided upon new restriction relaxations. In addition to unlimited events, which have been allowed from 1 March, you will now be able to take your respirator off in some public indoor spaces, including stores and shopping malls. You still have to wear your respirator on public transportation, however.


You can take your mask off from Monday, 14 March.

You can take your mask off from Monday, 14 March.


Unlimited events, 1 PCR test per month

From 1 March, the number of attendees at group events has become unlimited. 

At the same time, the government announced that everyone is entitled to 1 free PCR test per month in March. This is in addition to any tests you would be referred to take by your doctor or the health department for free.


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Taking off your respirator

The Ministry of Health also announced that the mask mandate (the wearing of respirators in all public indoor spaces) will be cancelled from 14 March

That being said, you still have to wear your respirator in the following situations:

  • On public transportation (including city transportation, trains, taxis, cable cars and cabin ski lifts)
  • In health institutions (at the doctor’s, hospitals, etc.)
  • In social institutions (senior homes, etc.)

In these situations, exceptions still apply. Respirators don’t have to be worn by:

  • preschool children
  • persons with intellect or mental skill disorders
  • hospitalized persons
  • clients of residential social services
  • public transportation chauffers
  • doctor’s note holders

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Article source: CT24
Photo source: Canva

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        1. Hi Syed!
          No problem :). At the moment, respirators don’t have to worn anywhere at all (including doctor’s offices), so that’s even better news :).


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