Autumn Festivals in Prague

No idea how to spend time this autumn? We have a few suggestions for you to make this time a fascinating period if you are living in Prague.

Most people right now are being sick of this coronavirus conversation. But anyway, it is a part of our days, so only one thing that we can do is to escape from the dark thoughts and fears and concentrate our attention on something positive, right? Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of events and festivals, which will take place in Prague this autumn. Festivals are a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a friendly and fun atmosphere. Of course, while keeping social distance and wearing a face mask when necessary.


15TH – 18TH OCTOBER 2020

Space & Possibilities, Nohlab, 2019

Signal light festival is probably one of the most famous annual festivals in the Czech capital. It has been taking place in Prague for seven years, and undoubtedly, it is one of the most creative cultural festivals that inspires a thousand people every year. Thanks to the light show you can walk through the main cultural monuments and look at the beautiful facades of landmarks in a new original way.



No real possibility to travel this year? You can travel to visit a truly Bavarian atmosphere thanks to Oktoberfest in Prague. The worldwide known gastronomical event will take place in the pedestrian zone at Andel. This autumn festival is such a great chance to try traditional specialties like sausages, pretzels, pork knees, and of course incredible beer!


23 TH – 31 TH OCTOBER 2020

If you love theatre, music, and comedy but cannot find an ingenious theatrical performance in English, the Prague Fringe festival would be an ideal opportunity for you to experience extravagant performances. Since 2002 Prague Fringe has successfully taken place on the Malá Strana side and surprised people with extraordinary performances. It brings nine days of various performances, where you can relish fun moments and meet people with the same hobby.


7 TH 2020 – 11 TH October 2020

Some works from the previous exposition

The absolutely incredible historical place of St Gabriel Monastery, which is located in the vicinity of Kinsky garden, will host an international design festival this October. Designblok is one of the biggest design and fashion festivals in Europe giving you a chance to enjoy works not only from famous designers and brands from the whole of Europe but also some fresh and new ones from young designers.



Microfestival is another fascinating event for English speakers and art lovers! It is a bilingual festival of contemporary art, where you can experience different types of performances, as present readings of poetry and fiction, films, and underground music from the best authors in Europe. The festival will also welcome readings from the Pulitzer prize winners and conceptual American writers this year. And again, this festival will not only bring you the chance to appreciate contemporary art but also a chance to visit the exceptional historical place of Gabriel Loci.



The embankment, which is located close to Palackého naměstí, is one of the most popular places in Prague, where you can have a walk and a drink with a company of friends. And on the 14th of November, you can admire the wonderful view of the city there, taste St. Martin’s wine, and also listen to great music. This is the festival of Czech and Moravian wine. The degustation will start in the morning, in the evening the festival will welcome the Jazz Volunteers band and then surprise guests with the fire show. 

I hope you would find these festivals interesting for you and will use it as a possibility to raise your spirit this autumn. As we all know our physical health depends on our mental health. Therefore, these festivals might help you to truly enjoy your life in Prague, visit the magnificent city heritage and see it in a new way. 

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"As I am also an expat in the Czech Republic so I know and understand well how hard it is to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, I am here for you to share my experience, and I do my best to help you.

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