Ban on Free Movement: Restriction on Entry to Czech Republic Due to Lockdown

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the restriction on the entry of expats to the Czech Republic if they have no essential reason to enter the country. As they explained, this is a result of the crisis measures issued by the government. As of October 21, it is not possible to travel to the Czech Republic for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends.



Since the state of emergency was declared on September 30 by the Czech government and came into force on October 5, new countermeasures have been introduced continuously, from the restriction on leisure activities and shopping which has been in place since October 9, to the tighter restrictions on all schools, restaurants, clubs, and bars on October 14. Then the face mask mandatory has been valid since October 21, while on the next day, October 22, almost all shops and services were required to close. And this is the fifth set of restrictions announced within this month.

The ban on free movement will last until November 3.

The ban will be in effect until November 3, for the duration of the declared state of emergency, with the following exceptions:

  1. journeys to work
  2. essential journeys to visit family or close persons
  3. journeys essential for providing for basic living needs
  4. journeys essential for the delivery of essential needs and services
  5. journeys to healthcare facilities and social services facilities
  6. journeys for the purpose of dealing with urgent official matters
  7. performing job duties
  8. journeys into the countryside or to parks and time spent there and journeys to your own recreational structures and time spent therein
  9. journeys for the purpose of departing from the Czech Republic
  10. attending a wedding or funeral
  11. return journeys to your place of residence

However, this decision does not affect cross-border workers in any new way. Border controls have not been reintroduced yet.



Health Minister Roman Prymula has warned that if the number of infected continues to grow, indicating that the current measures are not working, it will be essential to take the restrictions further. At the same time, the Czech Republic registered 7 301 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday; the highest Sunday increase since the epidemic started in March.

In this situation, a residence permit may be the best option to make sure you are able to enter the country.


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