Coronavirus in Czechia: New Restrictions on People’s Movement and Gatherings from January 30

Limited family visits, accommodation facilities available only upon confirmation of business trips or banned markets. Those are just a few of the restrictions The Chamber of Deputies’ agreed on, yesterday, on January 28, at a government meeting. New measurements are in effect from Friday midnight – January 30.

Because of the constantly growing number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 the government was forced to tighten the restriction even more, in order to prevent the spread of the virus and overfilling the hospitals. In addition, another strain of COVID-19 in the form of British mutation has occurred, too.

Stricter restrictions are mainly related to freedom of movement and gatherings of people and restrictions on retail and services.




Freedom of Movement and Gatherings

The government has imposed restrictions on meeting other people unless you share one household. Also, it is recommended to spend your time at habitation only with the members of your household. Otherwise, if it is necessary to meet with other people, than from those with whom you share a household, it is recommended to use respirators FFP2 or KN95.

The proposal of banning freedom of movement up to a 15 km radius from one’s household was not approved. However, the government did not exclude this option, so it can be applied in the future.

Night curfew stays in the same place from 9 PM to 5 AM.

  • Retail and Services

Accommodation services
The government allows people to travel to their cottages and cabins only with the members of the same household.
Next, accommodations in hotels and other facilities are allowed only for business trips. In this case, it is newly required to have evidence in a form of written confirmation from the employer. Subsequently, accommodation providers need to preserve these documents in case of further inspection.

  • Markets and Marketplaces

Selling goods at markets and marketplaces is also banned except those that sell groceries and drugstore goods, or goods that can not be bought elsewhere.

  • Ski Resorts

Cable cars and lift services are allowed only in necessary cases of supplying or for the needs of rescue or ski patrol.

  • Hospital Visits

Visits in hospitals are completely banned with just a few exceptions. Exceptions apply for children patients, handicapped visits, and labour.

  • Driving Schools

Rules for having driving classes got stricter, too. From now on, respirator wearing for driving teachers and students is mandatory.

  • Antigen Tests

From February 1, the government shortened the interval of the antigen tests funded by insurance companies from 5 days to 3. This decision was made in favor of those who commute every day to work in another country.




Except for these updates, all the other restrictions had not changed. The state of emergency also stays the same, until February 14.

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Sources: article, press release
Image source: Pexels 

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