English-Speaking Doctors in Prague

Comprehensive health insurance by Slavia & Foreigners.cz guarantees access to complete medical care in the Czech Republic. Below find a list of contracted English-speaking doctors and medical facilities working with Slavia insurance.

– Hospital Na františku

Na Františku 847/8, 110 00 Praha 1. Tel: 222 801 111

– MedicalHelp Česká republika s.r.o.

Malá Štěpánská 546/10, 12000 Praha 2. Tel: 224 918 532

– AJ Dent s.r.o. – stomatologická ordinace

Blahoslavova 8, 130 00 Praha 3. Tel: 727 854 044

– Dentist facility MUDr. Protovchanskaya Oxana

Praha 3, Husitská 502/36, 130 00. Tel: 722 927 473

– Astra Dental s.r.o. – dentist facility

Ke stáčírně 607/2, 140 00 Praha 4. Tel: 734 420 888

– Medical institution

Vídeňská 1958/9, 140 21 Praha 4. Tel: 236 051 111

– Gynecologist MUDr. Tomáš Řádek

Jílovská 1163/69, 142 00 Praha 4-Braník. Tel: 241 493 541

– Gyn./Obs. Shayna. Rose, doctor Fara Mc Bride, MD

Školská 32, 110 00 Praha 1. Tel.  720154374

– Dentist facility R-LABEL, s.r.o.

Libušská 319/126, 142 00 Praha 4 – Písnice. Tel: 601 668 888

– Thomayer hospital

Vídeňská 800, 140 59 Praha 4. Tel: 261 081 111

– Anděl Dent s.r.o. – dentist facility

Štefánikova 18/25, 150 00 Praha 5. Tel: 218 218 007, 608 123 928

– Motol hospital

V Úvalu 84, 150 06 Praha 5. Tel: 224 431 111

– Spondeo s.r.o. – MUDr. Dubravka Jaganjacová

Kartouzská 6, 150 00 Praha 5. Tel: 273 130 816

– MUDr. Andrej Laškevič, CSc.

Vítězné náměstí 817/9, 160 00 Praha 6. Tel: 222 960 792, 774 648 777

– Ústav Peventivního a sportovního lékařství

J.Martiho 31, 160 00 Praha 6. Tel: 220 172 039, 731 049 036

– Na Bulovce Hospital

Budínova 2, 180 81 Praha 8 – Libeň. Tel: 266 081 111

– GynCentrum, spol. s.r.o.

Hloubětínská 3/13, 198 00 Praha 9. Tel: 225 000 888

Other English-speaking doctors and healthcare facilities.

Canadian Medical Care

Top-quality medical centre providing premium care for demanding patients. Comprehensive medical care including General practitioner and a wide range of other specializations: Allergology & immunology, Cardiology, Dermatovenerology, Gastroenterology and many others. Please visit  CMC website for the full list.

Program H Plus

Contemporary private healthcare facility located in Prague 5 providing top-quality comprehensive outpatient care for adults and children.

Ivana Grohova, M.D.

Private clinic (UPDATED on January 25, 2021: link removed – website not found) in Prague 8, Karlin. Offering GP, psychotherapy, homeopathy and accupuncture. If you’re insured in CZ (VZP, OZP, VoZP, MVZP) doctor’s visit will cost you 200,- CZK. Otherwise, the price will be 700,- per visit.

Clinic at Narodni

Founded and managed by Mudr. Martin Jan Stransky clinic provides services of a general practitioner, tests, vaccination. Initial exam: between 600 – to 1800 CZK, ranging on complexity. Follow-up examination: 300 – to 600 CZK. The following Czech health insurance providers are recognized by the clinic: 205, 207 and 211.

Milos Ryc M.D. Health Care

Private medical care in Prague including orthopedics, psysiotherapy, psychology and psychiatry. Follow this link to learn more about the pricing of the medical services.

Dr. Kraus

Company preventive care and healthcare for international patients. More information to be found on Dr.Kraus website.


General practitioners’ clinics in Prague. Have contracts with the majority of Czech health insurance companies, which means your visit can be covered by your insurance.

Center of Individual and Preventive Health Care

The Center for Individual and Preventive Health Care has been established with the intention of providing medical care with accent on client’s individual needs and wishes. Offering a yearlong complete health care in the form of “The Program of Individual Health Care” (IPP).


Modern urologic facility near I.P.Pavlova. Standard examination cost is 1400,- CZK.

Jana Stumpova Konicarova

Specializing in homeopathy – holistic alternative medicine for body and soul – treating momentary common illnesses and chronic diseases, adults and children.

Annie Fed

14 thoughts on “English-Speaking Doctors in Prague

  1. Hello,
    I have a complaint.
    I called the hospital Na Frantisku and they did not speak english and they were very rude.


  2. Motol? Haha! Good luck with trying to speak English! I think Czech healthcare is very good but adding Motol to your list just makes me worry about its accuracy.

  3. Bulovka+english? Noway! It’s disinformation! Even yong doctors don’t speak english.

  4. am hoping to move to KARLOVY VARY in Czech.
    God help me!
    How do the Thousands of Americans living in Cz do it?

  5. I have been in Thomayerovo, Bulovka, Na Frantisku and absolutely no English speakers there, in Motol some of them speaks English but they are very rude, I went there with my husband who had very strong asthma crisis, we waited more than 3 hours to see the doctor, my husband was almost not able to breathe, there were not many patients but the all Czech speakers that arrived after us entered first, also people with minor injuries entered before, an asthma crisis is something that can’t wait, ah but they are super fast to charge you, they gave us immediately the invoice for 3800 Czech crowns only for 3 minutes consultation and 15 minutes nebulization. the medical care in the Czech Republic even when you are paying a lot of money they behave like you are garbage.

    1. Hello Gloria,
      We’re very that you have encountered such rude doctors. If you need any help with that in the future, let us know. Thank you and wish you a lovely day!

  6. Hi! A czech nurse here. Most czech hospitals have just few docs and nurses who speak English, so it´s only sheer luck if you get to one. From my experience: most czech nurses dislike speaking in English, because they haven´t learnt it enough to speak.
    Private Clinics are better.
    Tips: 1) ISCARE, Českomoravská 19, 2) Canadian Medical Care, 3) website navstevalekare.cz – you have to put czech name for specialization and location, but each doctor listed has “Komunikace v jazycích:” (=speaks languages) and just search one with eng flag.

  7. I have lived here for 4 years. My doctor at Moje Ambulance, Luziny speaks Czech, Russian and English.

    I have also found nurses and doctors ready to speak English at Vinohrady, Na Frantisku,Tomayerov hospitals and Poliklinika Liepa.

    I have regular cardiologist and (since covid) breathing check-ups with English speaking specialiats.

    Maybe not all doctors and nurses speak English but a large proportion do. I have always found them courteous and helpful. The Czech health service is on of the country’s finest achievements.

    1. Hi David,
      thank you so much for this information, I’m sure people will find it useful :).


    2. I must say that it is extremely difficult to find an English speaker doctor of any profession in Karlovy Vary, even at the local big hospital. And btw I am a very friendly person, although it may not seem like it, based on the following lines. You call, kindly ask if they speak English and I experienced 4 reactions.
      1.) hanging up
      2.) telling in Czech that they dont talk Russian.
      3.) telling in Czech that they dont talk German.
      4.) being friendly and saying “no”

      This is embarrassing at best. My English obviously sounds like Russian or like German…
      KV is not a small village. It is hard for me to grasp how the health system can be advertised as one of the best in the world to foreigners, if it technically pays for things, but you simply dont find a doctor.

      I traveled the world a bit and found English speaking doctors everywhere without any problem, for example in Poland, just to name a direct neighbor. Not talking English was a crazy exception.

      I just cannot believe, that in case of an emergency, I would need to drive somehow to Prague and even then get lucky. Any help would be super strongly appreciated. And sorry for bothering you with my frustration.

      1. Hi Frank,
        I am so sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue.
        Unfortunately, this has been a problem in cities smaller cities and cities in the border regions. My one advice is to try and look for younger doctors (below 40) as they would have had English as a compulsory subject in school and therefore have to know the basics at least. But this might be difficult as younger doctors tend to leave smaller cities like KV for Brno and Prague where they can get more interesting job offers. It’s a systemic issue.

        I asked our Communications Administrator and sadly we do not have any contacts in Vary anymore. I will double-check with my colleagues from Pilsen, maybe they’ll know about someone in KV or maybe Pilsen as that might be easier for you to commute to than Prague.

        Best of Luck,

      2. Hi Frank,
        I talked to my colleagues in Pilsen and if you’d like to try Pilsen, you can try these doctors:

        MUDr. Naila Muchametšina
        Denisovo nábřeží 1000/4, Plzeň 301 00
        +420 378 218 111


        MUDr. Luboš Beneš
        778 528 236
        adresa ordinace: Terezie Brzkové 15
        He speaks english, german and russian. However, the nurse only speaks Czech, so someone has to make the appointment for you.

        Hopefully this can help you!


  8. my doctor in Brno, she is over 50 , she is amazing, she is brilliant , she speaks english , nice lady , always helpful, kind and never rude. and she is CZECH.

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